XMind 2020 Update 202101

  • 1. Added "News" in "Help" menu;
  • 2. Fixed the issue that deleting Relationship may cause an error;
  • 3. Fixed the issue that Callout may cause file open failure;
  • 4. Fixed the right-click menu pop up issue in special cases;
  • 5. Fixed the error when saving files in special cases;
  • 6. Fixed the issue that the topic texts may be cleared when using space bar to edit the topic in special cases;
  • 7. Fixed the topic position issue after dragging multiple floating topics;
  • 8. Fixed the display issue of toolbar icons in Windows;
  • 9. Fixed the cursor position issue after entering note text with some IME;
  • 10. Fixed the issue that some equations are not fully displayed in exported PDF;
  • 11. Fixed the display issue of title bar when the file name is too long;
  • 12. Fixed the incorrect "Match Case" status when searching in navigation panel;
  • 13. Fixed the saving issue of custom shortcuts in special cases;
  • 14. Fixed the error when importing OPML in special cases;
  • 15. Fixed the error when deleting a single topic in special cases;
  • 16. Fixed some other known issues.

XMind 2020 Update of December

  • Important Updates
  • 1. Filter — Highlight specific topics by marker and label;
  • 2. Note View — View and search all the notes quickly;
  • 3. Map Shot — Capture beautiful maps easily;
  • 4. New Outliner UI — Simple, clean, and clear;
  • 5. Apply the current style of Relationship, Summary and Boundary to others on the map quickly;
  • 6. Brand-new interface illustrations.
  • Improvements
  • 1. Updated the application icon in macOS to Big Sur style;
  • 2. Added "Recently Used" themes in launch window;
  • 3. Added mostly used labels when inserting label;
  • 4. Added a link to Support Center in Feedback;
  • 5. Added a link to view differences between Trial and Full Version on purchase page;
  • 6. Added "Add link for both topics" option when inserting topic link;
  • 7. Added a topic link for central topic of "New Sheet from Topic" automatically, which returns to the previous map;
  • 8. Added a shortcut "Fold / Unfold Subtopics (Level 1~9)";
  • 9. Added pressing Alt/Option before dragging a topic to copy it;
  • 10. Added and optimized some tooltips;
  • 11. Added shortcuts display in some tooltips;
  • 12. Added "Share Diagnostic Data" option in Feedback;
  • 13. Support to follow the system to dark/light appearance in Windows;
  • 14. Support inserting local folder in Windows;
  • 15. Support right-click to save inserted elements such as images and equations;
  • 16. Support pasting content in blank area of the map as floating topic;
  • 17. Support search label and link;
  • 18. Hold Shift when dragging a floating topic, so that it is not connected with other themes;
  • 19. Support pressing ESC to cancel the drag when dragging the topic;
  • 20. Optimized UI details in macOS Big Sur;
  • 21. Optimized the spell check in Windows;
  • 22. Optimized the experience of using "Ctrl/Command + mouse wheel" to zoom in/out the map;
  • 23. Optimized the experience of files export;
  • 24. Optimized the display of exporting a branch to PDF;
  • 25. Optimized the experience related to Boundary;
  • 26. Optimized the experience related to shortcuts;
  • 27. Optimized the display of Structure and Shape menu in format panel;
  • 28. Optimized the content sequence of Share menu;
  • 29. Optimized the display effect when the topic only contains an image;
  • 30. Optimized the theme when creating a new sheet from sheet bar;
  • 31. Optimized the content of the main menu;
  • 32. Fixed the space issue of XMind when using split view in macOS;
  • 33. Fixed issues of printing in Windows;
  • 34. Fixed the issue that some input keys did not respond after creating/opening a new map;
  • 35. Fixed the issue that "Start Quick Entry when system login" cannot be turned off;
  • 36. Fixed the issue of losing multi-selection status after dragging multiple topics;
  • 37. Fixed the issue that "Capitalize" may work inaccurately in some languages;
  • 38. Fixed the issue of some equations errors;
  • 39. Fixed the issue that an error occurred when switching to Outliner immediately after opening a large file;
  • 40. Fixed some other known issues.

XMind 2020 Update of July

  • Important Updates
  • 1. The general smoothness and the opening speed for large maps are greatly improved;
  • 2. Brace Map - A new structure to summarize a whole thing and break it up into parts;
  • 3. Create Theme - Create a custom theme based on the theme of the current map directly;
  • 4. Extended Shortcuts - More shortcuts options, including those for Outliner;
  • 5. Merge XMind Files - Bring in all the ideas together with one file.
  • Improvements
  • 1. Added new stickers, interesting yet practical;
  • 2. Added "Insert" button in toolbar, making inserting elements easy and intuitive;
  • 3. Support clicking inserted hyperlinks in the exported PDF/SVG;
  • 4. Expanded the edit box of Note;
  • 5. The edit box of Note and Link support pop-up right-click menu;
  • 6. Added a highlight animation when jumping to search results;
  • 7. Optimized the copywriting in French and Traditional Chinese;
  • 8. Optimized the display of non-English fonts names;
  • 9. Optimized the preview display of Quick Style list;
  • 10. Optimized the menu content when right-clicking on the blank area of map;
  • 11. Optimized some UI details;
  • 12. Fixed the issue that element might be inserted into the wrong topic in Outliner;
  • 13. Fixed the arrow direction issue of Relationship in exported PNG/SVG;
  • 14. Fixed the sharing issue to Evernote due to special characters;
  • 15. Fixed the issue of removing topic text when pressing CAPS LOCK in Windows;
  • 16. Fixed the issue of displaying the wrong Note when using undo;
  • 17. Fixed the issue that the search result cannot be redirected to Relationship and Boundary;
  • 18. Fixed the issue that search results of Relationship and Boundary are displayed in Outliner;
  • 19. Fixed the issue where adjusting the border color of Boundary cannot be recorded in Theme Editor;
  • 20. Fixed the issue where the sheet bar disappeared when renaming a sheet in ZEN Mode;
  • 21. Fixed the incomplete issue when exporting map of Tree Chart structure to PDF;
  • 22. Fixed the incomplete exported PNG issue in special cases;
  • 23. Fixed some other known issues.

XMind 2020 Update 202005

  • 1. Optimized some UI/Theme details;
  • 2. Fixed the issue of opaque watermark of exported PNG;
  • 3. Fixed the stuck issue when searching in special cases;
  • 4. Fixed the failure issue when editing Equation;
  • 5. Fixed the issue of losing Relationship in some copied sheets;
  • 6. Fixed the issue where some exported Word files cannot be opened;
  • 7. Fixed the issue of losing Equation in some exported PDF;
  • 8. Fixed the error when exporting map in special cases in Windows;
  • 9. Fixed the error when exporting PNG in special cases;
  • 10. Fixed the issue that some previous versions cannot be uninstalled automatically in Windows;
  • 11. Fixed an issue where the installation might get stuck after the previous versions were uninstalled incorrectly in Windows;
  • 12. Fixed some other known issues.

XMind 2020 Update 202004

  • 1. Fixed the error when opening XMind after upgrading from a previous version;
  • 2. Fixed the issue that some fonts may not be detected in Windows;
  • 3. Fixed the issue that irrelevant topics may be influenced when setting font size;
  • 4. Fixed the stuck issue after editing an equation;
  • 5. Fixed the error when typing a blank equation;
  • 6. Fixed some other known issues.

XMind 2020

  • Important Updates
  • 1. XMind: ZEN is officially renamed as XMind 2020;
  • 2. Added 7 languages: Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai;
  • 3. LaTeX Equation - Insert professional equations right away, including mathematics and chemistry;
  • 4. Enhanced ZEN Mode - ZEN Mode is enhanced to check shortcuts, modify styles, insert markers, etc;
  • 5. Customize Quick Style - Theme Editor enables to customize quick styles that can differentiate topics easily;
  • 6. Import from Word - From Word to XMind, a new start of organizing ideas and knowledge;
  • 7. Support deleting a single topic while keeping its subtopics.
  • Improvements
  • 1. Added the Open Recent button in launch window;
  • 2. Support opening recent files with a right-click on the icon in macOS Dock;
  • 3. Added exporting the whole workbook to multiple PDF files;
  • 4. Updated the application icon in Windows;
  • 5. Optimized the display of exported PDF;
  • 6. Optimized the accuracy of spell check in macOS;
  • 7. Optimized the logic of updating a style to other topics;
  • 8. Optimized the feedback of undo/redo;
  • 9. Optimized the visual design of some user interfaces;
  • 10. Optimized multiple details of Outliner;
  • 11. Optimized the compatibility of Outliner for some XMind files of previous versions;
  • 12. Optimized the text align of some built-in themes;
  • 13. Optimized the logic of checking/unchecking watermark option;
  • 14. Fixed the issue that the result of search cannot be redirected to a note;
  • 15. Fixed the issue when inserting a webpage hyperlink into a topic with a topic hyperlink in Outliner;
  • 16. Fixed the issue of Touch Bar in Outliner;
  • 17. Fixed the issue of incomplete display of contents in Outliner in special cases;
  • 18. Fixed some crash issues in Outliner;
  • 19. Fixed the display issue of following the system appearance color in macOS;
  • 20. Fixed the issue that the map cannot be shared to a third-party email application in macOS;
  • 21. Fixed the error when exporting some maps to Excel;
  • 22. Fixed the error when updating XMind in special cases;
  • 23. Fixed the error when opening some exported Word;
  • 24. Fixed the issue that menu items may be greyed when right-clicking on topics;
  • 25. Fixed the issue that note cannot be deleted in special cases;
  • 26. Fixed the issue when pressing ESC in MSPY may quit editing the topic;
  • 27. Fixed the issue of 0 topic counts in some special cases;
  • 28. Fixed the issue that "Edited" may be hidden when the file name is too long;
  • 29. Fixed the crash issue when clicking Show Branch Only in some special maps;
  • 30. Fixed some other known issues.

XMind: ZEN 2020 Update 202002

  • 1. Increased the device limit to 5 Macs/PCs and 5 iOS/Android devices for one subscription;
  • 2. Fixed the crash issue when inserting Relationship into Boundary;
  • 3. Fixed the error when opening outputted Word with inserted images;
  • 4. Fixed some crash issues in Outliner;
  • 5. Fixed some other known issues.

XMind: ZEN 2020 Update 202001

  • 1. Added Topic Count in Outliner;
  • 2. Optimized multiple details of Outliner;
  • 3. Optimized the default appearance of inserting Relationship;
  • 4. Optimized the performance of loading fonts list;
  • 5. Fixed the content split issue when export PDF in Outliner;
  • 6. Fixed some issues of printing in Outliner;
  • 7. Fixed the image losing issue when export to TextBundle;
  • 8. Fixed the software configuration reset issue after an exceptional exit;
  • 9. Fixed some issues caused by some keyboard layouts or IME;
  • 10. Fixed the issue of opening files with customized theme by other softwares;
  • 11. Fixed stuck issue when opening format panel;
  • 12. Fixed some other known issues.

XMind: ZEN 2020

  • Important Updates
  • 1. Brand New UI - With the new UI, creating mind maps is a visual allure;
  • 2. Redesigned Outliner - Exceptional choice for notes taking, ideas organizing and event management;
  • 3. Theme Editor - create your personal theme style, and apply anytime;
  • 4. Enhanced Image Export - Export all the sheets with just one click, and export with more scale options, even transparent background;
  • 5. Support to export mind map to SVG format;
  • 6. Support to fold / unfold all the sub-branches at a click.
  • Improvements
  • 1. New markers, practical and funny;
  • 2. Optimize printing dialog experience;
  • 3. Optimize part of operational experience of format panel;
  • 4. Optimize excessive performance and power consumption caused by high CPU usage;
  • 5. Optimization in details, in depth and in large numbers;
  • 6. Fixed copy-and-paste format issue from Microsoft Word.
  • 7. Fixed the issue of attachments saving in special cases;
  • 8. Fixed related issues of keyboard layout of different countries/regions;
  • 9. Fixed the issue of notes open error in special cases;
  • 10. Fixed the abnormal display issue of scroll bar when switching to dark mode in macOS;
  • 11. Fixed the issue of style display of dark mode in ZEN mode;
  • 12. Fixed some known issues.

XMind: ZEN Update 201909

  • 1. Add File Link, absolute path of local file adding is supported;
  • 2. Optimize Topic Count;
  • 3. Compatible with macOS 10.15;
  • 4. Add multiple configurable shortcuts;
  • 5. Optimize PNG and PDF export interaction of large mind maps;
  • 6. Fixed an issue of arrow display failure for PDF export or print;
  • 7. Fixed an issue where adjusting the text style when editing text would cause interface stuck;
  • 8. Fixed some known issues.

XMind: ZEN Update 201906

  • 1. Add a new feature of Learn Spelling in Outliner;
  • 2. Optimize naming rules of files retrieved from file cache;
  • 3. Optimize exporting rules of Word, TextBundle and Text;
  • 4. Optimize the feature of Hide Sheet Bar in Outliner;
  • 5. Fixed Matrix Main Branch editing error;
  • 6. Fixed the issue with no feedback in the topic search box in Outliner;
  • 7. Fixed the issue of delete topics failure by using Delete in Windows version;
  • 8. Fixed an issue of no feedback when clicking maximization button after the maximized window is minimized in Windows version;
  • 9. Fixed some known bugs.

XMind: ZEN Update 201904

  • 1. Add a new feature of Save Sheet As;
  • 2. Support to export outliner as PDF file;
  • 3. Support to insert and open the URL Scheme;
  • 4. Adjust the interaction of open attachment;
  • 5. Optimized the topic editing experience;
  • 6. Enhanced the speed of PDF Exporting;
  • 7. Fixed the issue that exporting branch to png without background color;
  • 8. Fixed the issue that note content may lose when switch to Outliner;
  • 9. Fixed the issue that an error be reported when deleting the label in the Matrix Structure;
  • 10. Fixed some known bugs.

XMind: ZEN Update 2019

  • 1. Optimized the performance of entering into ZEN Mode;
  • 2. Fixed some bugs of signing in and activating XMind;
  • 3. Fixed some other known bugs.
  • Important Updates
  • 1. Redesign UI: We redesign the toolbar, format panel, status bar and other UI, and refactor all the interfaces and interactions to enhance the experience;
  • 2. Enhance Snowbrush: We refactor the core graphic engine to improve the speed of rendering, fluency of editing and overall performance;
  • 3. Dark UI: Now XMind: ZEN supports dark mode in all desktop platforms. You can switch between light and dark UI in Preferences manually;
  • 4. Outliner Editing Mode: A new method to arrange your mind in XMind: Outliner, to help you convert your mind to words more efficiency;
  • 5. Add a new feature - Show Branch Only to help you focus on the target content;
  • 6. Add a new feature - Topic Link to jump from one topic to another quickly;
  • 7. Support export and import to Textbundle / OPML file.
  • 8. Quick Entry is available for macOS to help you take a quick note and create a mindmap.
  • Improvements
  • 1. Optimized the experience of topic editing;
  • 2. Optimized the interaction of Topic Count;
  • 3. Improved the experience of setting password;
  • 4. Optimized the experience of dragging and dropping topics;
  • 5. Optimized the rules for importing and exporting Markdown;
  • 6. Optimized the time spend on exporting map to PNG;
  • 7. Optimized the display effect for some themes;
  • 8. Fixed a connection issue of Evernote International;
  • 9. Fixed a problem of the boundary's title overlapped with floating topic;
  • 10. Fixed a problem of the latest content lost in the special situation;
  • 11. Fixed some other known problems.

XMind: ZEN Update 3

  • 1. Optimized the experience when using Audio Note;
  • 2. Adjusted the design of Topic Count;
  • 3. Optimized some import features;
  • 4. Fixed an issue where the file name with ‘#’ could not be opened;
  • 5. Fixed an issue that an error may be reported when exporting to PNG;
  • 6. Fixed an issue that an error may be reported when importing from MindNode;
  • 7. Fixed an issue where the edit box position may be abnormal when editing a Label in the Matrix structure;
  • 8. Other interface improvements and minor bug-fixes;

XMind: ZEN Update 2

  • New Features
  • 1. Support to import file of Mindnode and Markdown;
  • 2. Support to export mind map to Word and Excel;
  • 3. Support to export branch to PNG, PDF and Markdown;
  • 4. Support to custom keyboard shortcuts;
  • 5. Added feature of creating audio note for topic;
  • 6. Added feature of creating new sheet from topic;
  • 7. Support to adjust topic’s width manually;
  • 8. Support to adjust order of topics by shortcut;
  • 9. Added feature of showing the button of Fold when hover on a topic;
  • 10. Added feature of showing topic count;
  • Improvements
  • 1. Optimized the interaction of adding mark style;
  • 2. Optimized the rule of update detecting;
  • 3. Optimized the rule of file saving;
  • 4. Optimized the Night mode in ZEN;
  • 5. Other interface and interaction optimization;
  • Bug Fixed
  • 1. Fixed the issue that can’t change the text color in Relationship;
  • 2. Fixed the issue that can’t display text in exported image;
  • 3. Fixed the issue that can’t display Boundary in PDF;
  • 4. Fixed the issue that display language in XMind is different from Mac OS;
  • 5. Fixed the issue that can’t close About window;
  • 6. Fixed the issue that some content disappear after imported from .mmap file;
  • 7. Some minor bugs fixed;

XMind: ZEN Update 1

  • 1. Optimized the sign in and activate XMind process;
  • 2. PDF footer can be customized in Preference;
  • 3. Optimized About window;
  • 4. Optimized Pricing window;
  • 5. Adjust the encrypted XMind file preview image in Windows and Mac;
  • 6. Added the Outline option to the Menu;
  • 7. Fixed an issue with the system's color picker working abnormally on Windows system;
  • 8. More optimizations for UI details;
  • 9. Fixed some known bugs.

XMind: ZEN

  • Official Release
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