XMind 8 Pro


  • All kinds of diagrams
  • Customizable Theme
  • Export to PDF/SVG
  • Export to Word/Excel/PPT
  • Clip Art
  • Brainstorming Mode
  • Presentation Mode*
  • Gantt Chart
  • Audio Notes
  • Encrypt with Password
  • 60,000+ icons

* Includes the new Slide-based Story and Walk Through mode.

Academia Discount

XMind gains the best project for academia award in the SourceForge Community Choice Awards 2009. And they said "2009 is a big year for open source mind mapping tools, and there's no doubt that XMind is leading the pack."


Volume License Key

We provide premium service for large customers all over the world, like HP, Parliament, and Angry Birds. The volume license key serves all sizes of teams, from startups to companies with even hundreds of thousands of users. Please tell us your organization\'s requirements and we\'ll contact back in the first time and offer the best price.

Besides, with its feature of open-source (except some professional features), XMind makes it possible for you to integrate the software into your product, store data into XMind files, or even build your own mind mapping software based on XMind. And we are eager to see that.

Government/Non-profit Organization Discount

50% OFF! If you are members of government or work for non profit organization, you can apply for 50% OFF per order.


Upgrade From XMind 7.x

XMind 8 Pro

From Xmind 7.x Plus/Pro


Only for XMind 7.x Pro/Plus users. If you've purchased an older version like XMind 6 or before, you're not included in this upgrade program.

If you had chosen "2-Year Version Upgrade" or "5-Year Version Upgrade" from your order of XMind previous versions, you don't need to click the buttons above. New license key will be automatically sent to your email address, which was filled in the order.

XMind Pro Subscription users don't need to buy this upgrade.

More questions? Please contact

100% 30-day Money Back Guarantee

If you're not totally satisfied with this product for whatever reason, simply send us an email to

We'll cheerfully refund 100% of your money usually within 1-2 weeks. Most refunds will be processed in 1-3 days after we receive your request.

Available on Setapp

You can also enjoy XMind within Setapp. Setapp gives you a growing suite of hand-picked apps in one signup. There’s no store — just a folder on your Mac, and no hidden costs — just a flat monthly fee.

Other places to buy XMind

China Mainland

苏州苏杰思网络有限公司 是我们在中国大陆地区的合作伙伴,中国大陆用户可以联系他们来购买,以及进行购买前的咨询和获得购买后的服务 。


ActsMind (艾思邁) 是我們在台灣的合作夥伴,台灣用戶可以聯繫他們來購買,以及進行購買前的諮詢和獲得購買後的服務 。


Connect Distribution will offer local sales service for individuals and companies at Central Eastern Europe(CEE).


XMind in Japan is our senior Partner. They offer local sales, support, cooperation service.

Hong Kong

PEOBASE is our local partner in Hong Kong which will offer sales and training service.(標奧彼施是我們在香港的合作夥伴,香港用戶可以聯繫他們來購買,以及進行購買前的諮詢和獲得購買後的服務。)


XMind in Korea is our senior Partner. They offer local sales, support, cooperation service.


COMPUWAVE will offer local sales service for individuals and companies at DACH (Germany/Austria/Switzerland), Benelux (Belgium/Netherlands/Luxenburg), Nordic (Norway/Sweden/Finland), UK and France.


TeraSoft is our local partner which can accept orders, and offer training service.

Plugins you should never miss

  • Mind On Track: Task manager with integrated mind maps.

  • Nozbe2XMind: A small helper program which is able to export all active Nozbe projects and actions and save them as XMind mind maps, and to save back mind map edits.