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Lifetime License

Starting from XMind 2012, we offer XMind Pro/Plus lifetime license to accompany with XMind Pro subscription. You are free to choose between these two license modes. A lifetime license, once purchased, honors you unlimited time to use the current version of XMind Pro/Plus, but you have to pay for every major version upgrades. A subscription, on the other hand, offers only limited usage time (based on years) but you can always get the latest version. Beyond that, we offer decent discount of lifetime licenses for educational/nonprofit organizations, small teams and enterprises.
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Drill Down

drilldown “Drill down” is an amazing feature that would help you to “focus” on a specific branch. Press F6 on a topic, and you'll see the topic and its subtopics displayed in the center like a “new” mind map with all other topics wiped out. It feels like going into a lower level down the original mind map, and, more amazingly, you can then drill down into even deeper a level again, and again... Once you've done editing the details, pressing Shift+F6 brings back the original mind map immediately (“drill up”).

Note that all floating topics you've added before drilling up will not be seen in the original mind map, and this may help to bury some structured information deep inside a specific topic.
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Advanced Drag & Drop

cmd Typically, dragging a topic and dropping it somewhere else causes that topic to be moved to a new destination (a new location or a new parent). But did you know that you can change the default behaviour by holding down different modifier keys during dragging:
  • Shift: force the topic to be floating (not to be attached to any other topic)
  • Ctrl (or Alt on a Mac): create a duplicate (with all subtopics and details)
  • Alt (or Command on a Mac): change position without changing parent (only available for main topics on a mind map)

And One More Thing...

To express our appreciation for all your support, we have prepared a special coupon code XTNPCL5HAK (expires at Oct 19, 2012) for you. Buy anything, and get 10% OFF!
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