Key Elements Of A Democratic Government

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Key Elements Of A Democratic Government

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Key Elements Of A Democratic Government
1 Apartheid
1.1 Separation on the basis of race
1.1.1 White
1.1.2 Black
1.1.3 Indians
1.1.4 Coloured races
2 Apartheid System
2.1 African national congress
2.1.1 group of people wholed the struggle against apartheid Leader Nelson Mandela fought for several years got freedom in 1994 from Apartheid
3 Regular Elections
3.1 people make Decisions in a democracy
3.1.1 Voting in elections leaders are elected to represent them Take decisions on behalf of the people keep in mind the voices and interests the people elected for fixed period india five years have to be reelected to continue period
4 Participating in the process of the government
4.1 Organising themselves into social movements
4.1.1 that seek to challenge the government and its functioning Members of the minority community dalits adivasis women and others often able to participate in this manner
4.2 allows people to participate
4.2.1 not all sections of people are able to do
4.3 Newspapers ,magazines and T.V also play a role in
4.3.1 discussing government issues and responsibilities
4.4 working and criticising the government
4.5 In 2005
4.5.1 When increased money in a particular government People had to pay for electricity government tried explain and defend its decision
5 Need to Resolve conflict
5.1 occur when people of different
5.1.1 do not get along with each other when some one feel they are being discriminated against people may use violent means to settle their differences this leads to government is responsible for helping to resolve conflicts fear and tension among others living in an area
5.2 cultures
5.3 regions
5.4 religions
5.5 economic background
6 Equality and Justice
6.1 main key idea of a democratic government
6.1.1 Inseparable
6.2 earlier parctice of untouchability
6.2.1 banned by law were denied education transport or medical facilities and even a chance to offer prayers Dr Ambedkar realisied that such practices must not continue and thus justice can be achieved
6.3 government recognises this and makes special provisions for group within society that are unequal
A1 dharnas
A2 Rallies
A3 conflicts like
A3.1 religious processions and celebrations
A3.1.1 route of the procession
A3.1.1.1 police play an important role in getting representatives of concerned communities to meet and try arrive at a solution
A3.2 Rivers
A3.3 dams
A3.3.1 by terititory of the different places like cauvery water dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu
A4 signature campaigns
A5 Strikes

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