Tool X

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Tool X

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Tool X

A learning tool can be a web or computer based software or mobile app. The question is: How open is tool X?

1 Output

Things you can transform with tool X

2 other Tools
3 Input

Things you can make with tool X

4 Interoperability

Capability of different programs to exchange data via a common set of exchange formats, to read and write the same file formats, and to use the same protocols

5 Versatility

Fact that the tool has a broad range of uses

6 Usability

Ease of use and learnability of a software application, website etc.

7 Platform/device dependency
7.1 Unix
7.2 Android
7.3 iOS
7.4 Mac X
7.5 Windows
8 License
9 Source code

The code tool X is made with

9.1 Auditability
9.2 Fixability
9.3 Customizability
10 Price
10.1 Trial version
10.1.1 Trial period
A1 User
A2 What is an "open" learning tool?

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