W301 UNIT 22: Discretionary and protective trusts

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W301 UNIT 22: Discretionary and protective trusts

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W301 UNIT 22: Discretionary and protective trusts
1 Discretionary
1.1 Definition
1.1.1 Someone is under a duty to select from among a class of beneficiaries those who are to receive, and proportions in which they are to receive, trust property Mettoy Pensions Trustees Ltd v Evans [1990] Unless selected, no equitable interest merely a 'spes' (hope) But if all objects know, collectively own trust property Re Smith [1928] Individuals, or class as a whole, do not have equitable interest in non-exhaustive discretionary trust Gartside v IRC [1968]
1.2 Terms
1.2.1 Trust period Perpetuities and Accumulation Act 2009 Post April 2010 trusts 125 years previously 80 years and 21 years accumulation period
1.2.2 Appointment Distribution to a beneficiary
1.2.3 Exhaustive trust Income must be distributed as arises
1.2.4 Default trusts Named person or charity who will receive money not distributed at end of trust period
1.2.5 Trusts Duty to deal with property in a certain way 'Settlor/trustee'
1.2.6 Powers i.e. power of appointment if given to trustee fiduciary power must consider whether to exercise must survey range of objects if given to non-trustee mere or bare power Authority to deal with property in a certain way 'Donor/donee' Gift over in default suggests is a power
1.2.7 'Trust powers' If no distribution made Trusts Must be distributed amongst beneficiaries Powers Will revert to settlor's estate Unless there is a gift over in default Trust powers Trust in default of appointment Distributed amongst beneficiaries Courts infer a trust to implement settlor's intention where there is no gift over in default
1.3 Certainty of Objects
1.3.1 Previous confusion Trust Complete list test Inappropriate for some trusts Especially pension trusts Power Given postulant test Must be clear that any given individual is or is not in the class of objects More relaxed test
1.3.2 McPhail v Doulton [1971] Would have failed complete list test Should not depend on 'delicate shading' Should use 'given postulant test' for discretionary trusts Interpretation of test remains uncertain
1.3.3 Application of given postulant test Conceptual uncertainty Phrase has no meaning i.e. good friends Will fail certainty test Evidential uncertainty i.e. lack of records Ascertainability May not know whereabouts Administrative unworkability i.e. 'everyone in the world' Void
1.4 Mettoy Pensions Trustees Ltd v Evans [1990]
1.4.1 Further blurring of distinction between trust and power Court could intervene in same way as discretionary trust
2 Protective
2.1 Purpose
2.1.1 To protect beneficiary from self, eg bankruptcy
2.2 Definition
2.2.1 Determinable life interest Right to income until some event (such as bankruptcy) occurs
2.2.2 Discretionary trust Beneficiary is one of the objects
2.3 Terms
2.3.1 Created expressly or by will
2.3.2 Shorthand method s33 Trustee Act 1925 use of term 'protective trust' First trust income goes to principal beneficiary during life or lesser period Determining event forfeiture until for whatever reason is deprived of right to income or part of it bankruptcy sale or charge of interest court order on divorce did not trigger forfeiture General Accident or at discretion of trustees Second trust exhaustive discretionary trust for principal beneficiary and family if bankrupt trustee in bankruptcy may claim income above reasonable domestic needs (£25k) will probably pay to other family members

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