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Map Outline

Splash Screen
1 Onboarding 1
2 Onboarding 2
3 Onboarding 3
A1 Search Stations

Bottom Navigation and Top Tabs will remain static on all the pages except for the Profile Screen

A2 Register
A2.1 Create Account
A2.2 Skip
A3 Log In
A4 Bottom Navigation
A5 Top Navigation
A6 Search Stations
A6.1 Display List of Stations
A6.1.1 Get Route
A6.1.1.1 Create Account
A6.1.1.2 Log In
A7 My Profile
A7.1 Account Settings
A7.2 Car Settings
A7.3 Payment Settings
A7.4 Activity
A7.4.1 Tab 1 - Billing
A7.4.1.1 Tab 2 - Charging History
A7.5 TOS
A7.6 FAQ
A7.7 About
A7.8 App Version
A7.8.1 Update
A7.9 Report this App
A7.9.1 Form
A7.9.1.1 Email
A7.9.1.2 Message Box
A7.9.1.3 Station ID
A8 Map View
A8.1 Show Map of Stations
A9 List view
A9.1 Show List of Stations
A9.1.1 Charge Here
A9.1.1.1 Make Favourite
A10 Favourite Stations
A10.1 Show List of Favourite Stations
A10.1.1 Get Route
A10.1.1.1 Create Account
A10.1.1.2 Log In
A11 QR Code
A11.1 Create Account
A12 Station Identification
A12.1 Ask Permission
A12.1.1 Scan QR Code
A12.1.1.1 Start Charging
A12. Charging screen
A12.1.1.2 Stop Charging
A12. Search Stations Screen

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