1. By Duncan Haughey
  2. Project Goals
    1. The project sponsor
    2. The customer who receives the deliverables
    3. The users of the project output
    4. The project manager and project team
  3. Project Deliverables
    1. create a list of things the project needs to deliver to meet those goals.
  4. Project Schedule
    1. The amount of effort (hours or days) required for completing the task.
    2. The resource who will carry out the task.
  5. Supporting Plans
    1. Human Resource Plan
    2. Communications Plan
    3. Risk Management Plan
      1. Time and cost estimate too optimistic
      2. Customer review and feedback cycle too slow
      3. Unexpected budget cuts
      4. Unclear roles and responsibilities
      5. No stakeholder input obtained
      6. Not clearly understanding stakeholder needs
      7. Stakeholders changing requirements after the project has started
      8. Stakeholders adding new requirements after the project has started
      9. Poor communication resulting in misunderstandings, quality problems and rework
      10. Lack of resource commitment