IBO History

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IBO History

Map Outline

1 2015-2016
1.1 2016
1.1.1 The ABA techshow Chicago is announced: it's a hackathon focused on the victims of domestic violence
1.2 2015
1.2.1 The Buoy Project is announced and it is a crisis-response system that allows people to contact their family and friends quickly following a crisis.
1.3 2015
1.3.1 Tech for Justice℠ legal hackathons are announced and the firs is held to tackle domestic violence in ew MExico
2 2013- 2014
2.1 2014
2.1.1 IBO presents ODR conference in California
2.2 2014
2.2.1 A 2nd set of courses is available on the website regarding emotional thinking
2.3 2013
2.3.1 The Center For Innovative Justice and Technology is created to offer lawyers courses in ODR.
3 2012
3.1 Janruary-April
3.1.1 New webinar is started called the "Future of Justice"
3.1.2 IBO becomes available to follow on Facebook and Linked In
3.2 2012
3.2.1 The "IBO Institute" and "Internet Bar Organization" become 2 distinct copyrighted entities
4 2011
4.1 November
4.1.1 IBO starts a free e-newsletter called "It Merlin".
4.2 October
4.2.1 The Government 2.0 Project webinar is started so legal experts can discuss online mediation
4.3 April
4.3.1 THe Internet SIlk Road Project is started and its goal is to creat an e-registry of land claims so people can avoid international land disputes
4.3.2 The Peace Tones Project is started and is meant to help artists in developing countries release their music using technology and legal tools.
5 2009-2010
5.1 2010
5.1.1 Partnership with IICL is established
5.2 2010
5.2.1 Cyberweek occurs again with afocus on international and family mediation
5.3 2009
5.3.1 The Peace Tones music is recorded in countries like Haiti and brazil and is presented at the World Justice FOrum
5.3.2 The Peace Tones Project is started and is meant to help artists in developing countries release their music using technology and legal tools.
5.4 2009
5.4.1 E-commerce training material for Afghanistan is created
6 2007-2008
6.1 2008
6.1.1 IBO announces sponsors on the website
6.2 2008
6.2.1 IBo announces the start of Micro Commerce Justice Initiative, IBi, IBO REsource Center and Online DIspute Resolution Credentialing system.
6.3 2008
6.3.1 3 step plan for IBO's problem solving method is published
6.4 2007
6.4.1 IBO held a student contest on building trust online with the winner gifted a trip to an ODR conference in Hong Kong
7 2006
7.1 August
7.1.1 International Privacy Conference is held
7.2 July
7.2.1 IBO begins another project to enhance ecommerce in Nigeria by bring to together lawyers and judges
7.3 July
7.3.1 IBO begins project to establish an international identity database to encourage collaboration
7.3.2 IBO becomes involved in a project to manage debt collection between Nigeria and CHina using online tools
7.4 JAN
7.4.1 Articles about the IBOs work become present on its website
8 2005
8.1 October
8.1.1 First Cyberweek is held and a Virtual Town Hall Meeting is started to discuss the issues with ecommerce in Africa and Latin America
8.2 Septemeber
8.2.1 Concept paper of IBO and theory papers are published
8.3 July
8.3.1 Elawyering forums were started

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