1. Enter
    1. From 'View'>'Start Presentation'
    2. Click Presentation icon on the toolbar
    3. Press F5
  2. Navigate
    1. Use "Enter" and "Tab"
      1. Enter key brings you to see sibling topics one by one
      2. Tab key brings you to subtopic
    2. Use "Arrow" key
      1. Up and Down keys let you navigate the topics in the same level
      2. Left and Right keys let you navigate to children topic and back to parent topic
    3. Use "Space" key
      1. Space key lets you navigate all topics sequentially
    4. Use Outline
      1. Open sidebar on the toolbar panel
      2. Select topic in the outline
      3. Selected topic will be highlighted in the screen center
  3. Toolbar
    1. Quit
      1. Click to quick Presentation Mode
    2. Go Next
      1. Click to move to next brother topic
    3. Go Into
      1. Click to move to children topic
    4. Sidebar
      1. Click to open sidebar
    5. Turn Light On/Off
      1. Click to unlock map to see the whole map
    6. Zoom
      1. Drag and move slider to zoom map
  4. Sidebar
    1. Outline
      1. Navigate any a topic directly
    2. Filter
      1. Filter topics with marker or label
    3. Audio Notes
      1. Record the voice without typing, save it as an attachment of current topic