1. Dream Team
    1. We are professionals. Focused self-managed team of professionals
      1. professionalism is very important for developers
      2. we have one goal and we go to it together and understand it in the same way
    2. Continuous improvement. Evolution in action
      1. Proactivity
      2. Don't procrastinate!
      3. Critical thinking
      4. –°ontinuous learning
      5. Continuous improvement based on feedback
    3. Focuse
      1. The optimal balance between communication and action
      2. No laziness
      3. Simplicity
        1. The art of minimizing unnecessary work in order to prioritize
    4. Security
      1. Misconceptions are inherent in everyone, they are caused by our human nature
      2. Honesty with each other and with ourselves
      3. Everybody lies
      4. it is important to be able to admit your mistakes
    5. Humanity
      1. we are more than dev units
      2. hobbies are cool!
  2. Team from DarkSide. The best way to destroy your Product
    1. Unprofessionalism
    2. UnFocus
    3. Personal conflicts
    4. Indifference
    5. Laziness and lies
    6. And Scrum master from Dark Side helps a lot
      1. Remove
        1. Overall Retrospective
        2. Sprint Planning One
      2. Believe
        1. formalism only
          1. check list for every meeting
        2. jobs
          1. not visible
          2. not noticed
          3. no value
          4. focus on negative stories only
          5. doesn't hear positive feedback
        3. own interpretation of everything
          1. you said, then you think ...
        4. No neutral
          1. focuses on own person
        5. no facts
          1. it seems to me, I feel, etc.
      3. Cultivate
        1. the gap between the Team and the Business
        2. does not consider analysts, designers, testers as part of teams and does not work with them
        3. only questions
          1. no conclusions
          2. no suggestions for improvement
      4. Facilitate
        1. conflicts
        2. third-party discussions
        3. own importance in the Team
        4. everything
        5. participants leave meetings
      5. Build
        1. processes for only one part of the Team
        2. processes without learning the accumulated experience of the Team
        3. independently in a Team regardless of the overall scaling framework
        4. Your team in a vacuum
  3. !
    1. to get a bad habit quickly and easily
    2. it's hard to break a bad habit
      1. to replace it with a good one
    3. their eradication feels hostile
    4. comfortable for living
    5. very quickly turn into behavior patterns and transfer into all areas of activity
  4. Lead to Wastes
    1. extra work
      1. more costs
      2. feeling of importance
        1. who if not me
    2. too long meetings
      1. during all working day
    3. undone work in iteration
      1. no need to think and plan new features, just dragged old
    4. features without
      1. testing in prod
      2. analytics in development
      3. research into development
    5. extra waiting / queue sources
      1. we are waiting for
        1. testers to come and test
          1. say, go to release
        2. everyone to have time to discuss the feature
        3. Discovery Team to offer its solution
        4. analysts to write USs
          1. to clarify the information from ...
        5. PO to say how a feature with a low level of detalization
        6. designer to draw prototypes
        7. third-party services
        8. the review code
        9. understanding how we need to work
        10. new resources
        11. someone
          1. to answer questions, and he/she is waiting for us
          2. to solve all our problems
        12. We are constantly waiting ....