How to sleep less and have more energy

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How to sleep less and have more energy

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How to sleep less and have more energy
1 Topic
2 sleep stages
2.1 Stage 1
2.1.1 body relaxes, respiration and heart rate slightly drops
2.1.2 minds tend to drift into an altered state of creativity and relaxation
2.2 Stage 2
2.2.1 sudden bursts of brain activity
2.3 Stage 3 & 4
2.3.1 our blood pressure, respiration, and heart rate, reach their lowest point of the day.
2.4 Stage 5 "dream sleep"
2.4.1 brain waves rapidly increase,
3 sleep cycle
4 Body temperature
4.1 body temperature is really an internal clock that keeps us awake and sleeping at certain times.
4.1.1 Whenever your body temperature begins to fall, you will feel tired, lethargic, and drowsier.
4.1.2 Whenever your body temperature rises, you will feel more energetic, alert , and be able to focus better.
5 How Much Sleep Should I Aim at Getting?
5.1 core sleep
5.1.1 minimal amount of sleep on which they can function properly during the day
5.2 varies from person to person
5.2.1 strength of sleeping system
5.2.2 lifestyle
5.2.3 age getting older less sleep we need (why ?) this is because melatonin production decreases as we age
6 How to Reduce Your Sleep
6.1 A- life-style
6.1.1 1) Light exposure Getting Sunlight into Your Eyes the Instant You Wake Getting High Intensity Light during Long Indoor Times
6.1.2 2) Daily activity level Have at least 15 minutes of exercise Exercise in the Morning if Possible If you exercise outdoors this is a double benefit as you give light exposure to your eyes as well :o: Avoid Exercising 2 hours prior to sleeping.
6.2 B- Power Naps
6.2.1 nap consists mostly of Stage 1 and Stage 2 sleep
6.2.2 You must avoid making your naps longer than 45 minutes or you may enter deep sleep.
6.3 C- Reducing Your Sleep Properly
6.3.1 Set a goal you must find the “hot spot” for waking up
6.3.2 Reduce your sleep gradually in 20 or 30 minute periods.
6.3.3 When you feel comfortable with one sleep setting, you can push the time back a bit more
6.3.4 stop reducing when u reach your core sleep amount
6.3.5 you need to be consistent with your sleeping schedule
6.4 D- Proper Hydration
6.4.1 allows our body temperature rhythm to rise and fall easier
A1 Topic
A2 In order to reduce the total amount of time you spend sleeping, you MUST increase the quality of your sleep first.
A3 reference : powerful sleep by Kacper M.postawski mind map at 16.2.2010 by Ala'a

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