1. Much of the Web site(s) private
    1. Good reasons for privacy
    2. Good reasons for openness
      1. Accountability
      2. Community buy-in
      3. Parent Buy-in
      4. School/Home Communication
      5. Communication
  2. Excellent use of Technology
    1. Google Forms & Docs for Coach scheduling "book a coach"
    2. Departmental Collaboration
      1. Wikis
      2. Google Site(?)
    3. Experimentation
      1. Gaggle
      2. Edmodo
      3. Glogster
      4. Toondoo
      5. Why not ask students for suggestions
    4. Kiva Project in SS
      1. Students choose & defend
      2. Paper graph showing gains
        1. Why not have a dynamic digital chart
        2. Ask students to figure out how to do it
    5. Many tools being explored
      1. Are there too many interfaces for the learners
  3. Strategies of Note
    1. Language Arts Strawberries
      1. Students reflect and journal about Strawberries
      2. Student read one of many articles about child laborers
      3. Students reflect and journal from chd lbr point of view
      4. Students will wrte a monolog from perspective of chld lbr
      5. Students will write a poem with interlaced lines from the two perspectives
      6. If completely digital, a word cloud could be generated from students initial reflections, and those words utilized in the poem
    2. Using response systems
      1. Math 1
        1. Facilitates conversation
        2. Teacher is engaged in a conversation
          1. "Waiting on 3 people"
        3. Students want to see the results, as a team
        4. Do response systems indicate how well you've been taught. Can it be used to engage in knowledge building conversations.
      2. Math 2
        1. Used digital textbook page on whiteboard
        2. Used Memio Pad to add notes based on conversation
        3. Impressions
          1. Would love to see that page with notes available to the students
          2. Would love to see teacher's demo video recorded and made available to learners
        4. Then watched teacher make students copy vocabulary definitions from the board
    3. Google Docs & Forms
      1. Did a lab last week with three of the four science teachers
        1. 1 Results reported via google docs
        2. 2 Students saw accumulation of reports
      2. Did experiments with Apples & different solutions
        1. No apparrent leading question or problem
    4. Students are reading out loud what the want
      1. Each group is reading the same book
        1. They group around the books
      2. One student is reading to the rest
      3. Will discuss based on questions the establish
        1. Discussion some time oral
        2. Sometimes online
      4. Create -- Write the script or chapter idea that didn't occur and then perform it in small groups to illustrate something that impressed them about the book
    5. Starting iMovie instruction
      1. Had video stock for students to play with
        1. Create -- Next step, give them 20 stills & ask them to select ten, sequence them in iMovie and insert text/oral information to tell a story.
  4. Some General Questions
    1. How are teachers encouraged to watch each other work?
  5. General Observations
    1. KMS earned attention
      1. Enormous responsibility
    2. Literacy
      1. Access
      2. Work
      3. Express
        1. Student Learning
        2. School Communication
    3. New Pedagogies
      1. Fueled by Questions
      2. Provokes Conversation
      3. Is Responsive
      4. Compells Personal Investment
      5. Safely Make Mistakes