1. Examples
    1. Ushahidi
    2. Lolcats
      1. Funny videos and photos of cats
  2. Cognitive surplus
    1. Requires
      1. Digital Technology
      2. Human Generosity
    2. Two Parts
      1. 1. Free Time
        1. Over a trillion hours of free time a year in the world
      2. 2. Media Tools
        1. 20th Century was about consuming media
        2. 21st century is consuming and sharing
    3. Definition
      1. The ability of the world's population to volunteer contribute collaborate on large sometimes global projects
      2. The gap is between
        1. Doing Nothing
        2. Doing Somthing
        3. People who have posted a Lolcat has spanned that gap
    4. Incentive
      1. Tested Deterrence Theory
        1. If you want people to do less of somthing you come up with a punishment.
        2. "A Fine is a Price" by Gneezy, Uri and Rustichini, Aldo
          1. Economic motivations and intrinsic motivations are not compatible
        3. Design for generosity
  3. "Free Cultures Get what the Celebrate" Dean Cammon