1. Teaches Writing Workshops ever since she wrote her first book at age 7
    1. Aspires to be a
      1. Journalist
      2. historian
      3. humanitarian
      4. Talk show host
  2. Why are students different today
    1. Some really smart people cam out of the old-school
    2. But the world is different
      1. Old colonies now compete with former home countries
      2. Theh playing fileld has expanded from your community to the world
    3. Who do students need to become?
      1. Confidence
      2. Capability to learn
      3. comfortableness with uncertainty
      4. Communicate
      5. Collaborate
      6. Creative
  3. Got her a laptop at 6. Gave her confidence to write, because she wasn't limited by her handwriting.
    1. Book -- Flying Fingers
    2. Blog
    3. Imagine if my parents were afraid of technology
    4. If you are, you are limiting your students
    5. Tech can be inexpensive
      1. Google Apps
      2. Netbooks
    6. References how some churches are using tech to connect with youth...
  4. Not just Technology
    1. It's you (teacher)!
      1. You must innovate
    2. We need to break down the walls of the classroom walks