W301 UNIT 3-5b: third party rights

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W301 UNIT 3-5b: third party rights

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W301 UNIT 3-5b: third party rights
1 Pre-1926 rules
1.1 Legal interests
1.1.1 Bind the world
1.2 Equitable interests
1.2.1 Bind the world except equity's darling Notice Actual Constructive Would have found out if took steps of a prudent purchaser Implied Agents had knowledge
2 Post-1925 rules: unregistered land
2.1 Land Charges Registry
2.1.1 Land Charges Act 1972
2.1.2 Register of encumbrances
2.1.3 Certificate of search for purchasers
2.1.4 Equivalent to actual notice s198 LPA 1925
2.2 Rights capable of registration
2.2.1 Restrictive covenant Class D(ii)
2.2.2 Legal easement Not registrable
2.2.3 Legal lease Not registrable
2.2.4 Equitable easement Class D(iii)
2.2.5 Spouse's right of occupation under FLA 1986 Class F
2.2.6 Estate contract Class C(iv) e.g. option to buy freehold
2.2.7 First legal mortgage Not registrable
2.2.8 Second legal mortgage Class C(i) i.e. puisine mortgage
2.2.9 Equitable interest under trust Not registrable
2.2.10 Petition to make a landowner bankrupt PA(B)
2.2.11 Orders making a landowner bankrupt WO(B)
2.3 If unregistered
2.3.1 Void against purchaser of legal estate for money or money's worth Class C(iv) Class D(ii) Class D(iii)
2.3.2 Void against purchaser of any interest in the land for value All rest Class C(i) Class F
2.3.3 Midland Bank Trust Co Ltd v Green [1981] Purchaser does not have to act in good faith Takes free even if has actual knowledge
2.4 Pre-1926 rules
2.4.1 Still apply if interest cannot be registered Most legal interests Legal lease Legal easement First legal mortgage Restrictive covenants created pre-1926 Equitable interests under trusts
3 Post-1925 rules: registered land
3.1 Registrable dispositions
3.1.1 Two legal estates Fee simple absolute in posession Legal lease of more than seven years
3.1.2 Registered with separate title number
3.1.3 Until registered, buyer takes equitable interest only Interest affecting registered estate
3.1.4 Also other legal interests Legal mortgage Legal easement if created by express grant by deed
3.2 Interests affecting registered estate
3.2.1 Residual category Registrable disposition which is not registered and takes effect as equitable interest Equitable lease Equitable easement Restrictive covenants Estate contract Right to occupy under FLA 1996 Equitable interest under trust
3.2.2 Need to be registered to bind the land Notice on charges register of burdened land Any encumbrance except Interests arising under trust Leases not exceeding three years Restrictive covenants between landlord and tenant Includes Restrictive covenants between freeholders Post-1925 Equitable easements Equitable lease Estate contracts Right of occupation Unilateral or agreed notice If not registered s29 LRA 2002 Purchaser of a registrable disposition for valuable consideration takes free Restriction on proprietorship register Interest arising under trust Is a warning to purchaser Must overreach Must pay to two trustees City of London BS v Flegg [1988]
3.3 Unregistered interests which override registered dispositions
3.3.1 Bind the land without registration
3.3.2 Override on first registration Schedule 1 LRA 2002
3.3.3 Override when dealing with a registered title Schedule 3 LRA 2002 Legal lease of 7 years or less para 1 Legal easement created by implied grant or prescription para 3 Schedule 3 para 2 LRA 2002 Applies to a person in actual occupation Lloyds Bank plc v Rosset [1989] Wife occupied by supervising renovation Kingsnorth Finance co Ltd v Tizard [1986] Wife occupied although had moved out but came back frequently Abbey National v Cann [1991] Mother did not occupy by sending in furniture Hypo-Mortgage Services ltd v Robinson [1997] Minor children not in actual occupation Strand Securities ltd v Caswell [1965] Malory Enterprises Ltd v Cheshire Homes (UK) [2002] Epps v Esso Petroleum Ltd [1973] Only applies to land actually being occupied eg garage may not be occupied although house is With interest in land Must be more than purely personal interest Unclear eg contractual licence Equitable lease with tenant in occupation Equitable interest under trust where beneficiary in occupation Williams & Glyn's Bank v Boland [1981] Complication Mortgages Registration gap between completion of purchase and registration of purchase and mortgage What happens if Sch 3 p2 overriding interest created in the registration gap? Does not create overriding interest Completion date is key date i.e. date of disposition For other overriding interests, key date is registration of purchase or mortgage Will not apply if Enquiry is made and fails to disclose when would be reasonable to do so Occupation is not obvious on a reasonably careful inspection of the land and does not have actual notice OR if interest under trust and is overreached
3.4 Can be overlap
3.4.1 eg an overriding interested which is protected on register as interest affecting registered estate

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