SWOT Analysis of Company D

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SWOT Analysis of Company D

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SWOT Analysis of Company D
A5 S
A5.1 Sport products with the best price-quality ratio.
A5.2 Wide range of sports products.
A5.3 Internal resources: high quality personnel, systematical supply chains, own manufacturing facilities, thus lower costs and better productivity.
A6 W
A6.1 Traditional retailer's model, lack of the flexibility of e-commerce retailers.
A6.2 Relatively high demand on physical space, leading to lower presence in smaller cities in the global market.
A6.3 Not that agile to market due to the company's huge size.
A7 O
A7.1 The rise of middle class in the developing countries.
A7.2 People's growing health awareness and higher disposable income.
A7.3 Globalization environment leads to the positive politics in the global markets.
A7.4 World-wide fame and confidence from customers.
A8 T
A8.1 The rise of e-commerce with better flexibility, mobility and lower costs.
A8.2 The impact on traditional retails due to the high technology development.
A8.3 Competition from other sports brand.

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