1. Fun is Underrated
  2. Core questions
    1. What do I need to teach
    2. What will students be ding in the class
    3. How much fun will my students have? Why?
  3. Video -- http://bit.ly/eQdkq
    1. Made stairs into piano keys
    2. Significantly more peo0ple chose to climb musical stairs rather than escalator
  4. Games
    1. Games-based learning depends a lot on the teacher
    2. Says that higher-performing students are distracted by games, they want to get to the information
      1. I wonder if those kids are smarter or good at playing the "school" game
  5. Game that the Center is Developing - http://tinyurl.com/games-presentation
    1. Title:
      1. Mystery Matters
    2. List:
      1. Fulfil some outcomes whilst solving a myster
      2. Game-based
      3. Interactive
        1. Inventory
        2. buy clues
        3. Play flash-based mini games that report back
      4. Multimedia
      5. Currently piloting two mysteries in school
      6. Live 3rd of May
      7. Web-based
      8. More to come
        1. Who's designing the games?
        2. What kind of skills does it take?
      9. Mystery engines at some stage
        1. Teacher-designed games?
        2. Student-designed games?
        3. Competition?
          1. Students
          2. Teachers
    3. Pilot:
      1. Teachers report on performance of typically reluctant learners...
      2. In Secondary, there was a group of students who didn't engage...
  6. Jane West -- Murder on the Microscope
    1. Teachers in the Room
      1. A lot of the teachers here are aware of this game
      2. Many have actually used
    2. Originally video based
    3. Now Online
    4. Its murder mystery
      1. They have to find the
        1. victom
        2. Murderer
        3. Crime Scene