1. Assessing Instructional Technology
    1. $10 Million Dollar Study
      1. Comissioned by Congress
      2. Showed that test scores were not significantly higher in Tech Classrooms compared to control group
        1. Responded with caution to Scrutinize.
          1. CoSN
          2. Time
          3. Department of Education
          4. Bad
          5. Bad sampling
          6. Bad Design
          7. Student wasn't designed to track tech benefits
          8. Bad methodology
        2. When Yong reads Study
          1. Study says that tech does as good a job as teachers
          2. Not Worse
          3. Not Better
          4. Schools, fire teachers & buy more software & save money
    2. Two groups of pictures, all are entertainers
      1. Group does well with HD
      2. Other group doesn't do well with HD
        1. "Do you want Don Trump on your HD TV?"
      3. When you have new technology, talent gets redefined
        1. Technology redefines Talents
          1. When you introduce new technology then talent value changes
          2. After staircases
          3. Thos who were enabled
          4. Those whow were disabled
          5. With Written language
          6. Before written language there was not illiteracy
          7. Literate
          8. Illiterate
          9. Book: The Alphabet Vs. The Godess
          10. Written by a carterologist
          11. In every Culture
          12. Worshipped Godess
          13. Alphabet Invented
          14. Culture switches to male gods
          15. The invention of the Alphabet devalued the talents of women
          16. Men are more skilled at abstract...
          17. With the return of multimedia, women will do better
          18. Economy
          19. Not china
          20. Not India
          21. Women will dominate economy
          22. Technology redefines Talents
    3. Real World
      1. Industrial Age
        1. Prior to IA
          1. Schools were teaching Latin & Greek -- the Classics
          2. Difficult to challenge
        2. Herbert Spencer, Philosopher
          1. Asks, what knowledge is important?
          2. For all practical Purposes
          3. Science
          4. People Paid Attention & Curriculum Changed
      2. Information Age
        1. It's about "Being Digital," Nicolas Negropponte
          1. About to work with digital information
          2. Virtual Environments
          3. iAppartment
          4. Rent virtual appartment
          5. Court someone virtually
          6. Get married virtually
          7. Very Compelling
          8. Second Life
          9. Techers should be trying this.
          10. Talks about unemployed English Teacher who becomes the First to make a million dollars in Second Life
          11. Virtual Economy merges with the real economy
          12. Look at Gold farming (Digital Farmers Market)
          13. Today's children are too well taken care of. they have not place to go try things out.
          14. Yong Had the Rice fields.
          15. For today's children it may be video games and virtual worlds
          16. Perhaps social networks as well
      3. What are the new skills, emotional, and cognitive abilities are needed today.
        1. Everyone has the potential to reach an audience
          1. book
          2. blog
          3. video
          4. podcast
        2. What about the Global Part
          1. Marshal McCluen talked about new media in the 1960s
          2. In 2005 Friedman talks about the global aspects
          3. What is Globalization?
          4. Global free flow of goods of stuff...
          5. Global free flow of people...
          6. Global free flow of money...
          7. Where's your retirement money
          8. MacDonaldiszation
          9. MacDonalds forced Japanese to reject chop sticks
          10. Imported obesity
          11. MacDonalds helped Hong Kong people to stand in lines
          12. Our will is effected by a wide range of cultural values
          13. Mini Cooper, british brand, made in Germany from parts from 14 other countries.
          14. How can today's children fit into the global supply-chain?
          15. What Talents should we teach our students
          16. Unique Talents
          17. Huge increase in self-employed
          18. Suggests more agriculture
          19. Global Reach
          20. Conceptual Skills
          21. Channeling Dan Pink
          22. Design
          23. Story
          24. Symphany
          25. Empathy
          26. Play
          27. Meaning
          28. Global Citizens
          29. Unique Talents
          30. Creativity, Imagination, & Passion
          31. Cross-cultural Competencies
          32. Understanding the globe
          33. Foreign Languages
          34. Understanding other cultures
          35. Digital Citizenship
          36. Living in a digital world
          37. Consumers
          38. Citizens
          39. Community Leaders
          40. Making a living in a digital world
          41. Digital Works
          42. Global workers
          43. (re)Creating the digital world
          44. Innovators
          45. Entrepreneurs
          46. Multiple Intellegences
      4. Education is is ignoring this. Spending millions on networks and then blocking access.
        1. NCLB presses math & reading
        2. U.S. reform is taking an opposite direction from Asia
        3. Teacher Jobs
          1. Present Information
          2. Figure out what technology does well & what teachers do well...