How To Know Whether Your Website Is Relatively Weak Or Not ?

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How To Know Whether
           Your Website  Is
Relatively Weak Or Not ?

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How To Know Whether Your Website Is Relatively Weak Or Not ?
1 Design

Your design is the first impression given to people. With a glance, they will know who you are and what you do.

1.1 People can't know what your company does when they see the head of your home page
1.2 Having anything introductory, concluding welcome or "show off" things
1.3 Using any animation, autoplaying video, rolling or flashing text or captions
1.4 Using popup windows
1.5 Music or any other autoplaying audio
1.6 Poor navigation like shit
1.6.1 any navigation elements just for beauty not for practical
1.6.2 no navigation elements or icons with clear, user-friendly words
1.7 Inconsonant colors or too many different colors
1.8 Needing horizontal scrolling even if you have a 1024 resolution
2 Usability

Web Usability Rules Of XMind: "Most time of user is spent on other web site". People expect using your website the same as others'.

2.1 Too long loading time
2.2 Abusing capital letters, including all capital letters except for first letter uppercase
2.3 Spelling mistake
2.4 Hard to find contact information from any pages
2.5 No message board--Not every computer landing your web has set a email client
2.6 Online reading or critical overview information is a PDF file
2.6.1 PDF files usually be used for Technical details, not for sales
2.6.2 Most users don't read them

If nobody can find you website, well then nothing else is important.

3.1 Long loading time
3.2 No or seldom using title tag
3.2.1 Your front page is called "Home"
3.2.2 Either start using "The" or "Welcome", or using the same title as other pages'
3.3 Rarely use the address that has been optimized by search engine, such as: www.site.com/ID?=1337 and www.site.com/cool-toys.html
3.4 Lack of landing page directing to keywords
3.5 Keywords full of label, meta tag, and website content
3.6 Any content copied from other website
3.7 Duplicate content in website
3.8 The quantity of Correlation index content is not enough

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