Holistic approach to pregnancy

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Holistic approach to pregnancy

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Holistic approach to pregnancy
1 considers all aspects of an individual
1.1 body
1.1.1 physical health
1.2 spirit
1.2.1 spirituality
1.3 mind
1.3.1 values and believes
1.3.2 relationships
1.3.3 emotional well-being
2 trust the natural progression
2.1 women's body is designed to conceive, nourish and give birth to a baby
3 starts with least invasive approach but uses the full range as therapy as needed
3.1 low-intervention approach
3.2 appropriate use of technology
3.2.1 recognizes the need for assistance if appropriate
4 incorporates integrative therapies
4.1 alternative/complementary therapies to treat common discomforts and complications of pregnancy
5 a holistic approach can help:
5.1 to have the healthiest pregnancy possible
5.2 to achieve the best overall well-being during pregnancy
5.3 to increase the chances for a natural progression of labor
5.4 to alleviate the risks posed by pain meds and other medical interventions

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