1. Conferences
    1. Innovation -- even when times were/are hard
    2. Energy -- energized by new and unexpected opportunitiees
      1. Make sure that the people you present to and talk with walk away with more energy than they walked up with.
  2. It's Not about
    1. The Technology
      1. so don't use the term technology
    2. Achievement but about learning
      1. so talk about their accomplishments, both present & future
    3. Its not about students being taught
      1. So don't talk about teachers and students.
      2. Talk about learners and master learners
  3. Students vs Learners
    1. Relationship with teacher
      1. Student is an employee
      2. Learner is a citizen of a learning community
    2. Relationship with other classmates
      1. Student competes with other students
      2. Learner collaborates or coLearns
    3. Motivation
      1. Student is culturally obliged
      2. Learner is responsible because there is value
    4. Compensation
      1. Student works for institutional reward (grades)
      2. works to Accomplish something of value
    5. Mode of operation
      1. Student is compliant
      2. Learner persevers --
        1. Learning in order to achieve
        2. Achieving learning
    6. Equipped
      1. Student is equiped with packaged knowledge that is prescirbed and paced
      2. Learner is equipped to explore, experiment, discover, conclude, construction knowledge
        1. Invent Learning