Understanding Leadership

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Understanding Leadership

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Understanding Leadership
1 Leadership Theory
1.1 Article: Leadership Past, Present and Future
1.1.1 "Leadership is less a specific set of skills than it is creating an environment in which people are motivated to produce and move in the direction of the leaders...by creating the right environment leaders are able to influence and direct the activities of others."
1.1.2 "Leadership is not only the process and activity of the person who is in a leadership position, but also encompasses the environment this leader creates and how this leader responds to the surroundings, as well as the particular skills and activities of the people being lead."
1.1.3 "Not only does leadership require someone who helps set the direction and move the group forward while serving as a resource, but it involves the contributions of other great thinkers and doers, access to the right resources, and the social composition of the group."
1.1.4 "Leadership requires participation from everyone so that all members are engaged in creating meaning and acting on that meaning."
2 Leadership Styles
2.1 Leadership Theories and Styles: A Lit Review
2.2 Autocratic
2.3 Democratic
2.4 Laissez-Faire
2.5 Servant Leadership
2.6 Transactional Leadership
3 Leadership Traits
3.1 Eleven Powerful Traits of Successful Leaders
3.2 Collaboration
3.3 Intelligence
3.4 Grit
3.5 Integrity
3.6 Compassion
3.7 Mentorship
3.8 Courage
3.9 Strategic

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