1. !
    1. to get a bad habit quickly and easily
    2. it's hard to break a bad habit
      1. to replace it with a good one
    3. their eradication feels hostile
    4. comfortable for living
    5. Let's fight
      1. One at a time
        1. Beat one bad habit per month and in a year you’ll be awesome.
      2. Don’t stop. Just count
        1. Don’t eliminate the bad behavior just yet. First, be consistent in your awfulness.
      3. Don’t change you
        1. Change your world. 20 second rule. Make it harder to engage in bad habits.
      4. Chill, dude
        1. Stress makes the bad stuff tempting. Relax and you’ll behave better.
      5. Don’t eliminate
        1. Replace. You can’t kill bad habits but you can swap them out for new ones.
      6. “If” and “Then.”
        1. A simple plan for how you’ll beat temptation helps you beat temptation.
      7. Forgive yourself
        1. Beating yourself up makes you behave worse. Self-compassion keeps you going.
  2. Processes
    1. very quickly turn into behavior patterns and transfer into all areas of activity
    2. Lead to Wastes
      1. extra work
        1. more costs
        2. feeling of importance
          1. who if not me
      2. too long meetings
        1. during all working day
      3. undone work in iteration
        1. no need to think and plan new features, just dragged old
      4. features without
        1. testing in prod
        2. analytics in development
        3. research into development
      5. extra waiting / queue sources
        1. we are waiting for
          1. testers to come and test
          2. say, go to release
          3. everyone to have time to discuss the feature
          4. Discovery Team to offer its solution
          5. analysts to write USs
          6. to clarify the information from ...
          7. PO to say how a feature with a low level of detalization
          8. designer to draw prototypes
          9. third-party services
          10. the review code
          11. understanding how we need to work
          12. new resources
          13. someone
          14. to answer questions, and he/she is waiting for us
          15. to solve all our problems
          16. We are constantly waiting ....
      6. Lean in It. Wastes and their elimination
        1. https://www.xmind.net/m/YtcnfN/
  3. Product
    1. there are already established patterns of behavior / habits
      1. change
        1. to improve
        2. to do worse
    2. develop a new habit
      1. through trigger / action
    3. if you have developed a bad habit
      1. if a product is needed, then users will suffer, but use features
      2. a change for the better will lead to negativity
    4. feature with a good UX, a good habit will be perceived negatively