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1 4 Kinds 四大類型
1.1 Fungi 真菌
1.1.1 Multi-celled 多細胞生物
1.1.2 can cause athlete's foot, that itchy rash 會引發導致運動員腳(香港腳),皮疹發癢
1.1.3 love to live in damp, warm places 喜歡生活在潮濕,溫暖的地方
1.2 Bacteria 細菌
1.2.1 One-celled 單細胞生物
1.2.2 can cause include sore throats (tonsillitis or strep throat), ear infections, cavities, and pneumonia 可引起包括喉嚨痛(扁桃腺炎或喉炎)、 耳部感染、齲齒、和肺炎
1.3 Protozoa 原蟲
1.3.1 One-celled 單細胞生物
1.3.2 can cause intestinal infections that lead to diarrhea (runny poop), nausea, and belly pain 可引起腸道感染 導致腹瀉(流鼻涕船尾)、噁心、腹部疼痛
1.3.3 love to live in moist places 喜歡生活在潮濕的地方
1.4 Viruses 病毒
1.4.1 can cause chickenpox, measles, flu, and many other diseases 可引起水痘、麻疹、流感、和許多其它疾病
1.4.2 need to be inside living cells (host) to grow and reproduce 必須在活細胞內部(宿主)裡生長和繁殖
2 ways they can be good or helpful 有益的用途
2.1 Food 食物
2.1.1 Bacteria curdles yogurt. 細菌促進凝結作成優格
2.1.2 Bacteria curdles the milk that is used to make cheese products 細菌凝結牛奶用於製造奶酪產品
2.1.3 Microorganism waste give wine its alcohol content 微生物發酵製成酒的酒精含量
2.1.4 Turning cabbage into sauerkraut 用來製作泡菜
2.2 Environment 環境
2.2.1 Causing things to rot/decay --leaves and plants in the soil and making it fertile 造成東西腐敗/衰壞 –– 樹葉、植物在土壤中可變得肥沃
2.2.2 Some, newly created bacteria will be used by the government to clean up dangerous waste on the earth 某些新創的細菌被政府用來清理地球上的危險廢物
2.3 Health 健康
2.3.1 Germs can prevent other, harmful germs from growing in the mouth 可以防止其他或有害的細菌在口中生長
2.3.2 They make vitamin K, which helps us stop bleeding when we are cut. 製造維生素K, 有助於切割傷用來止血
2.3.3 Medicines and vaccines are made from bacteria 藥物和疫苗是由細菌產生的
2.3.4 Some bacteria help us digest our food 有些細菌幫助消化食物
3 How germs get in the body 病菌如何侵入身體
3.1 Through the air we breathe 經由呼吸的空氣
3.2 On the food we eat or the things we drink 在我們的食物或飲料上
3.3 They are on everything we touch 存在任何我們所接觸的東西上
3.4 Entering through the nose, mouth or cuts and scrapes 經由鼻、口,或傷口
4 Processes used to avoid germs 用來避免病菌的方法
4.1 Washing hands before meals or snacks. 吃食物用餐之前要洗手
4.2 Putting only food in your mouth 只有食物才可放入口中
4.3 ALWAYS washing hands after going to the restroom 用廁後一定要洗手
4.4 Staying away from crowded warm places 遠離擁擠高溫場所
4.5 Drinking only milk and fruit juices that have been pasteurized (heated to kill germs) 飲用的牛奶和果汁必須是經過高溫殺菌處理(加熱殺菌)
4.6 Cleaning kitchen counters off before and after putting any food on them. 放置任何食物前後要徹底清理廚房
4.7 Taking a shower or a bath every day. 每天要洗淋浴或洗澡
4.8 Washing hands after visiting a sick friend or relative 探病親友後要洗手
4.9 Washing hands after handling money. 處理錢財後要洗手

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