Snacks & Creativity

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Snacks & Creativity

Map Outline

Snacks & Creativity
1 quick burst of energy
1.1 fuzzy head
1.2 impaired memory
A1 Glucose fuels the brain
A1.1 keeps us alert and focused
A1.2 impact
A1.2.1 problem solving
A1.2.2 learning
A1.2.3 memory
A2 Not all fuel is created equal
A2.1 glucose rapidly released
A2.A1 carbohydrates
A2.A1.1 different
A2.A1.A1 gingerbread men
A2.A1.A2 yogurt and blueberries
A2.A2 Baked goodies
A2.A3 high-glycemic foods
A2.A4 long-lasting brain power
A2.A4.1 fruit
A2.A4.2 vegetables
A2.A4.3 whole grains
A3 Defeat the office sweets
A3.1 Plan your defense
A3.1.1 a specific plan of action
A3.1.1.1 eat an apple
A3.1.1.2 go for a quick walk
A3.1.1.3 chat with a colleague
A3.2 Keep brain food nearby
A3.2.1 fresh fruit
A3.2.2 a jar of trail mix
A3.2.3 creativity-boosting combos
A3.3 Snack regularly
A3.3.1 keep blood glucose up
A3.3.2 keep brain firing on all cylinders
A4 3 creativity-enhancing snacks
A4.1 Blueberries
A4.1.1 flavonoid phytochemicals
A4.1.1.1 help brain cells respond efficiently to incoming messages
A4.1.1.2 promote the growth of new neurons
A4.1.2 act as antioxidants
A4.1.2.1 keep free-radical damage in check
A4.1.2.2 keep brains young
A4.2 Walnuts
A4.2.1 essential amino acid tyrosine
A4.2.2 improve memory
A4.2.3 improve concentration
A4.2.4 improve information processing speed
A4.3 Dark chocolate
A4.3.1 antioxidant flavonoids
A4.3.1.1 improve blood flow to the brain
A4.3.1.2 improve cognitive function
A4.3.2 serotonin
A4.3.2.1 mood- and brain-boosting qualities

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