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Map Outline

1 What is it?
1.1 Virtual Private Cloud
1.2 Logically isolated network (data center) in the AWS cloud
2 Consists of
2.1 Subnet (all private IPs)
2.1.1 Subnets cannot span Availability Zones
2.1.2 public subnet traffic is routed to an IGW
2.1.3 Private subnet
2.1.4 VPN-only traffic is routed to VPG
2.1.5 internal IP address range is always private
2.2 Route tables
2.2.1 a set of rules determining where traffic is directed
2.3 DHCP option sets
2.4 Security Groups
2.4.1 Virtual stateful firewall Return traffic is automatically allowed
2.4.2 Controls inbound and outbound traffic to EC2 instances
2.4.3 Only allow rules
2.5 Network ACLs
2.5.1 Stateless firewall on a subnet level
2.5.2 Support allow and deny rules
3 Optionals
3.1 IGWs
3.2 EIP addressess
3.2.1 Elastic IP address specific to a region
3.2.2 EIP is an AWS owned static public IP that you allocate to your account and assign to instances or network interfaces on demand
3.2.3 You will be charged if it is not in use or associated to an instance
3.3 Endpoints
3.3.1 private connection beween VPC and another AWS service
3.4 Peering
3.4.1 No transitive routing
3.5 NAT instance and NAT gateway
3.5.1 NAT gateway is an Amazon managed resources
3.6 VPG, CGW, and VPN
3.6.1 Establish connection from another network (corp) to AWS VPC

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