Avoid Focus-Stealing Traps

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Avoid Focus-Stealing Traps

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Avoid Focus-Stealing Traps
1 Types of attention
1.1 Focus on the self
1.1.1 Voluntarily disengage our focus from what’s distracting us
1.1.2 Work toward resisting distraction so that we don’t gravitate back to it
1.1.3 Concentrate on what we’re supposed to be doing and imagine how good we will feel when we achieve it
1.2 Focus on other people
1.2.1 Develop empathy
1.2.2 Understand how other people are feeling
1.3 Focus on the world around us
1.3.1 focus on the world around us
1.3.2 critical for being strategic and innovative
2 How attention and concentration work
2.1 System 1
2.1.1 automatic system
2.1.2 involuntary brain network
2.1.3 environmental stimuli
2.2 System 2
2.2.1 reflective system
2.2.2 voluntary
2.2.3 when brains get tired
3 How to avoid distraction traps?
3.1 Minimize all distractions that you have control over
3.1.1 external stimuli phone alarms text alerts inbox
3.1.2 System 2
3.6 Practice training your “focus muscle”
3.6.1 Focus on your breath
3.6.2 Recognize that your thoughts have drifted off
3.6.3 Let go of your current thought
3.6.4 Focus on your breath again and stay there
3.7 Meditate
3.7.1 reduce mind-wandering
3.7.2 increases our ability to maintain concentration
3.8 If possible, put your phone in a different room
A1 distraction
A2 distractions
A3 less productive and sharp

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