Solution Portfolio Mangement (SPM)

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Solution Portfolio Mangement (SPM)

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Solution Portfolio Mangement (SPM)
1 Content
2 Capabilities
3 Customer Target Market
4 Channel
5 Competitiveness
A1 SPM Scoring Scheme 1 of 7
A1.1 Total SPM Score = 45
A2 5C Solution Model Chart
A2.1 Partner Pyramid
A2.1.1 Portfolio Management
A2.1.2 Process
A2.1.3 Partner Plan
A2.1.4 Principles
A2.1.5 Performance Management
A3 Solution Portfolio (5C) and Partner Pyramid (5P)
A3.1 tigerman@thejungleroom.co.uk
A3.2 Twitter: @GarryGomersall

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