Circulatory system

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Circulatory system

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Circulatory system
1 Coronary circuit
1.1 Electrical Flow
1.1.1 SA node Atrioventricular AV node AV bundle of His conductions myofibers- PURKINJE FIBERS
2 Main Topic 7
3 Pulmonary circuit
3.1 pulmonary arteries
3.1.1 capillary beds of Lungs Gas exchange happens Pulmonary veins Topic
4 Systematic Circuit
5 Heart
5.1 Anatomy
5.1.1 Layers of the heart Epicardium Adipose tissue coronary arteries cardiac veins Myocardium Cardiac muscle Endocardium Endothelium Simple Squamous epithelium Apilary Muscles Formed the AV valves Chardae tendiae Heart strings tiny white collagenic cords that anchor the cusps to the ventricular walls Syncitial tissue No electrical insulating barrier within walls
5.2 Location
5.2.1 Top @ Sternal Angle (T4-T8 Subtopic 1 The heart is about the size of your fist and is located sub-sternal, center thoracic, superior to the stomach with the apex on the left. Topic Topic
5.3 Sounds
5.3.1 M sound 5th intercostal Space Mitral/Bicuspit AV valve Costocartilagenous junction
5.3.2 P sound 2nd Intercostal space pulmonary Semilunar valve costosternal junction
5.3.3 T sound 5th Intercostal space Tricuspid valve costosternal junction
5.3.4 A sound 2nd Intercostal space Aortic semilunar valve costosternal junction
6 Things to know about heart
6.1 ( Ventral Artery dissection)
6.1.1 piece of artery (clot) breaks off ( tunice media) into blood stream leads to Heart attack Stroke
6.2 Varicose vein
6.2.1 vein that is dilated and twisted Due to leaky Venous Valves
6.3 Ventricular fibrilation
6.3.1 Parts of Myocardium contract random no blood is pumped treated with electrical defribrillator
7 Blood flow through the heart
7.1 Right Atrium
7.1.1 R. A/V valve R. Ventricle pulmonary semilunar valve pulmonary trunk
7.1.2 Tricuspid
7.2 Left atrium
7.2.1 Left A/V valve Bicuspid Left ventricle Aortic Semilunar Valve Ascending aorta Aortic arch descending (thoracic) aorta Before diaphragm abdominal aorta Common Iliac artery External Iliac artery Inguinal Ligament Femoral Artery Passes by the Adductor Canal / Hiatus Popliteal artery Divides into anterior tibial artery Dossal Pedis arteries posterior tibial artery Plantar arteries Superior Mesenteric A. Arterioles capillaries Venules Small Intestine Superior Mesenteric Vein Hepatic Portal Venules, sinosoid, venules in Liver Hepatic Vein Inferior Vena Cava Brachiocephalic trunk right Subclavian artery Axillary A. Brachial A. Radio A. Ulnar A. right Common Carotid Right Internal Carotid A. R. Ant. Cerebral A. Arterioles/Capillaries/venules in Frontal love Right Internal Jugular Vein R. Braquiocephalic Vein Superior Vena cava Left Common Carotid Artery Left Subclavian A.

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