Platform Roadmap FuelByMckinsey

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Platform Roadmap FuelByMckinsey

Map Outline

Platform Roadmap
1 Tech Debt
1.1 Content Management System

The result of the audit from 3 different groups yielded: We don't have a headless CMS implementation. We cannot leverage any of the native WP plugins Many 3rd parties plugging shoehorned together without a clear strategy

1.1.1 Headless CMS implementation rearchitecture Publishing approach needs to be rethought WP API needs to be used correctly Build a custom publishing backend OR leverage WP Meta tags on all posts Lack of preview capabilities articles issues authors need to be listed links to profiles from authors
1.1.2 Search Engine Optimization Yoast Plugging implemented Site map .xml automatically created ability to edit robot.txt structure data for rich snippets on google
1.1.3 Social Media Optimization Meta tags optimized Optimized integration with platforms Integrate Analytics from GA/Bit.ly and all platforms
1.1.4 Fonts implementation
1.2 Data Inbound Managment

Current process in disjointed and needs to be centralized around SFDC

1.2.1 Forms need to be integrated into SFDC
1.2.2 Drift Integrated with User Fields
1.2.3 User Fields integrated into SFDC
1.2.4 Integration with NEXUS true DB
1.3 User Management / Login

Our approach to User Managment has been to simply use Auth0. It has severe issues in implementation: Session handling improperly setup Lack of integration with other pluggins

1.3.1 Session Handling -persist session across all apps
1.3.2 MFA approach
1.3.3 Admin App
1.3.4 Integration with Drift and SFDC
1.3.5 Lack of Fields and Behavior
1.3.6 No fields on User behavior
1.3.7 Transition to OATH based Okta
1.4 Deployment

We need to architect our deployment processes for: Scalability Auditability Future growth of other applications Efficiency in dev/stag/prod pipeline

1.4.1 Setup Unit Test as part of deployment
1.4.2 Enable single path to production from lower to higher environment
1.4.3 Ability to scale application based on load
1.4.4 Architect repos for scalability
1.5 Company Managment
1.5.1 Ability to CRUD
1.5.2 enable/disable startup pricing
1.5.3 Integration with SFDC
1.6 Solutions Management
1.6.1 rethink as part of the CMS rearchitect
2 UI/UX Debt
2.1 Use of space and fonts needs to be reviewed
2.2 Mobile site experience needs to be revised
2.2.1 Carrousel for mobile needs to be redesigned
2.3 forms fields and spacing needs to be revamped
2.4 The use of the X and the carrousel needs to be reviewed
2.5 Need more content blocks to enhance UX
2.5.1 need more CTA options
2.5.2 use of embeded snippets from third parties or custom
2.6 User On Boarding, Navigation
2.6.1 improved User profile management
2.6.2 Redo the User onboarding experience
2.6.3 Rethink navigation pattern for Users (consider dropdown at the top)
3 Compliance debt
3.1 Cookie usage message
3.2 Consent to communicate
3.3 GDPR - Option to forget for User on profile page
4 Candidate Features

The objective of this 'bucket' is to organize the candidate features to build. These will packaged with the other buckets to create a planned release

4.1 Insights
4.1.1 Search all posts types
4.1.2 Medium-type interactions for improved UX social sharing per phrase/highlight saved highlights / shares
4.1.3 Recommendation engine for news feed
4.1.4 Customize header and footer
4.1.5 Expose granular insights from articles time read where was time most spent
4.2 User Onboarding
4.2.1 Recommendation Landing Page
4.2.2 Personalized Offerings
4.2.3 Advanced Analytics
4.3 Lead-Gen and conversions
4.3.1 Automated targeted emails per user behaviors
4.3.2 Unified experience across forms, singup and drift
4.3.3 capture users intent and setup meetings with market leads on-demand
4.3.4 Marketing Widgets Go To Market Widget Sales DNA calculator Pricing QD widget Strategic Priorization
4.3.5 SalesForce Integration Integrate WF across all inbound source
4.4 Data Asset Management
4.4.1 Portal for McKinsey colleagues to access Startup DB
4.4.2 Portal for Corporates to access our Startup DB
4.4.3 Automated data enrichment integration with Pitchbook for companies webscrapping generic integration with crunchbase integration with glassdoor sentiment analysis based on conversation
4.5 Fee Generation
4.5.1 Shopping basket and e-commerce for any solution
4.5.2 Membership for Communities
4.5.3 Invoicing through ACH for any offering
4.5.4 Fuel Client Onboarding
4.6 Communities
4.6.1 For Ignition Club Onboarding for members Directory for managers Outbound messaging Events portal for members Closed Discussion Boards
4.6.2 Events boards / signups
4.6.3 Open discussion boards
4.6.4 Matchmaking between Corporates and startups
4.6.5 Matchmaking funders and founders
4.6.6 Closed discussion boards
4.7 Solutions Enablement
4.7.1 Data Visualization framework for articles for all solutions for calculators For data asset portal
4.7.2 Shopping basket for any solution
4.7.3 White Labeling for other McKinsey groups
4.7.4 McKinsey Colleague Report Portal
5 User Personas and Needs

These groups represent our target audience. Each group has a specific set of needs that we want to map to offerings and features

5.1 Seed Startup
5.2 Late Stage Startup
5.3 Corporates
5.4 McKinsey Colleagues
5.5 Investors
5.6 Accelerators
6 Platform Goals
6.1 2018
6.1.1 Data Asset Creation # of signups and data submissions # of startups / Data submissions CST served with data
6.1.2 Lead Generation Number of LOPs for Fuel (deprecated?) # of conversations # qualified inbounds # qualified inbound for CSTs
6.1.3 Fee Generation Number of transactions USDs
6.1.4 New Engagement Channels by CSTs
7 Planned Releases
7.1 June '18
7.1.1 1.1.1 Performance Boost
7.2 July '18
7.2.1 1.1.2 E-Commerce for McKinsey Academy
7.2.2 1.1.3 Advanced User Analytics and Chatbot
7.3 August '18
7.3.1 1.1.4 User Onboarding
7.4 September '18
7.4.1 1.2.0 CMS rearchitecture
7.4.2 1.2.1 Data Inbound Integration
7.5 October '18
7.5.1 1.2.2 Fuel Communities
7.5.2 1.2.3 E-commerce for all solutions
7.6 November '18
7.6.1 1.2.3 Insights Delivery and Data Visualization
7.7 December '18
7.7.1 1.2.4 Solutions UX Improvements

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