1. moved out
    1. Who like to visit Intergeo and enable students to take part
    2. GeoFort
    3. KNAG
  2. Intro
    1. recently attend a meeting of the advisory council of the council
    2. current en future generations learn in a different way
    3. Linked with Education
      1. As GIS has progressed has progressed, so has technology
      2. I wonder about of the subjects
      3. we all have a link with education
    4. several initatives, which are interlinked, play a role here.
    5. explain xyz generation
      1. Y genration
      2. my geographic aware
        1. thanks to consumer tools
  3. Edugis
    1. initiated by several project partners
    2. main goals
      1. are to simulate the use of GIS in voortgezet onderwijs
      2. to make teachers and students aware of the possibilities of working with digital maps for spatial analysis
    3. Means
      1. create a portal
      2. train teachers
      3. develop teaching modules
    4. succesfull?
      1. 70% of the geography teachers know the programme, 50% of all students have been (data 2009(
    5. quote: how many students and teachers? future of program?
  4. GoGeo
    1. initiated in
    2. quote Godfried
    3. found a mismatch in suply and demand of Geo skills, with only aprox 20% filled
    4. how to fix this problem?
      1. create awareness
        1. website, posters, play game
    5. challenge : overcome the gap between oen jobs en
  5. In my opinion
    1. No doubt an professional society needs to embrace students
    2. I somethimes wonder who is learning what from whom
    3. how I look back at my own educatin
  6. Cross-Border Education for Global Geo-information
  7. Hogeschool Utrecht
    1. some subjects
      1. Intends to develop a GIS minor (nearly finished)
      2. new cooperation with the college and companies
      3. Let's go Intergeo with these students: as a direct and simple thought
      4. low numer of new students / some 60 current post students
      5. even mentioned opencourseware
    2. will exist 100 years (check)