travel plan_xmindstructure

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travel plan_xmindstructure

Map Outline

A1 Day 4
A1.1 meal
A1.1.1 Westfield
A1.2 Budget
A1.2.1 £500
A1.3 Sight Spot
A1.3.1 Time
A1.3.1.1 London Bus Tour
A1.3.2 Time
A1.3.2.1 Westfield London
A2 Day 5
A2.1 Sight Spot
A2.1.1 Time
A2.1.1.1 Tower Bridge
A2.1.2 Time
A2.1.2.1 Tower of London
A2.1.3 Time
A2.1.3.1 London Bridge
A2.2 meal
A2.2.1 Soho
A2.3 Budget
A2.3.1 £700
A2.4 Airline
A2.4.1 Flight No. MU612
A2.4.2 18:00 ~ 21:00
A2.4.3 London —— Munich
A3 Day 2
A3.1 Budget
A3.1.1 £1000
A3.2 meal
A3.2.1 Soho
A3.3 Shopping
A3.3.1 Oxford Street
A3.3.2 Harrods
A3.3.3 Covent Garden
A3.4 Sight Spot
A3.4.1 09:00
A3.4.1.1 National Gallery London
A3.4.2 11:00
A3.4.2.1 London Eye
A3.4.3 12:00
A3.4.3.1 House of Parliament
A4 Day 3
A4.1 Budget
A4.1.1 £800
A4.2 meal
A4.2.1 China Town
A4.3 Bus
A4.3.1 Slough
A4.3.1.1 09:34- 10:04
A4. London Paddington
A4.4 Shopping
A4.4.1 Camden Market
A4.5 Sight Spot
A4.5.1 11:00 - 14:00
A4.5.1.1 Windors Castle
A4.5.2 19:00
A4.5.2.1 Lion King Musical
A5 Day 1
A5.1 meal
A5.1.1 China Town
A5.2 Budget
A5.2.1 £500
A5.3 Airline
A5.3.1 Flight No. MU321
A5.3.1.1 09:45 ~ 10:45
A5. Munich —— London
A5.4 Sight Spot
A5.4.1 13:00
A5.4.1.1 Buckingham Palace
A5.4.2 16:00
A5.4.2.1 Westminster Abbey
A5.4.3 20:00
A5.4.3.1 Big Ben

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