1. I love his picture of the ditto machine. It's an ad.
  2. Extra Stuff
    1. His slides are tweeting.
    2. In Glenbrook South
      1. 225 teachers
      2. Fairly affluent
      3. Try to involve kids in planning -- especially technology
      4. Open
        1. MP3 players
        2. Cell Phones
          1. But you don't see a lot of cell phones
          2. "Everybody I want to talk to iis here."
        3. Wireless devices
          1. Very few devices
          2. "Give is a reason"
  3. Tech has changed
    1. Mac computer $1600 is now as powerful as our iPhone
    2. Only 6 million kis on Webkins
    3. 76 million on Poptropica
    4. Facebook
      1. Is it an appropriate environment for learning?
      2. But they don't want it in schooling. It's their space
  4. Learning Spaces
    1. 65 million dollars from 2009 - 2011
      1. so how are we building those spaces.
    2. Digital experiences enhance what kids are doing -- why not in school
    3. Does there need to be a "front of the room"
    4. Their skills
      1. Digitla Youth Project from Mimi Ito (read it)
        1. Friendship-based activities
        2. Interest-based activiities
        3. Jakes adds -->
          1. Academic-based
      2. Their good at social tech
        1. Jimmy learns to make self-portraits from his community on Facebook
      3. Not so good even at basic operation concents
        1. File structure
        2. Making video
      4. Richardson Halverson -> channels
        1. Instituional activities
        2. Peer-to-peer...
    5. Shows picture of high school students in Starbucks who are learning together
      1. Should we have such a pace in schools
      2. It's a third place
    6. Can learning can be independent of time, place, space...?
      1. Can a hallway be a place for learning
        1. Hallway as a street for learning
        2. Suggests that Pads are important to learning
          1. With this handy, anyplace can be a place for learning.
    7. Can the classroom, hallway, and library be combined to make an uber learning space?
      1. Showing lots of examples of new learning spaces
    8. Spaces are themselves agents for change. Changed spaces will change practice -- Joint Information Systems Committee
    9. Design
      1. Forum follows function
      2. Design informs intent
  5. What does it mean to be well-educated in the 21s century?
    1. Collaborator
      1. Does school space facilitate this?
      2. Does digital environment facilitate this?
    2. Etc...
  6. So how do we make the move in re-shaping spaces?
    1. Are their new literacies?
      1. Audience answer "Yes!"
      2. David sais that literacy has not changed. The skills are changing, however.
    2. Jason Ohler says literacy is same but with new media forms...
    3. David says that blogging is the hardest writing he's done.
    4. 5 timeless skills
      1. Communications
      2. Critical thinking
      3. Collaboration
      4. Creativity
      5. Citizenship
    5. A model
      1. Physical
      2. surrounded by digital space
      3. within are coore skills
      4. If "Yes", how do we affect the change
        1. "Edge" John Sealy Brown
      5. So is there a new context for development of these skills?
        1. Yes!
    6. Mulidemensional Learning Space
      1. Knowledge Commons
      2. Course Learning Space (Moodle)
      3. Student Learning Space (Google Apps)
        1. They want access to their content.
        2. Blogger becomes the portfolio
      4. Physical Learning Space