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Map Outline

1 Personal Statement
1.1 Extract TUPP lessons
1.2 Turn in this week, haven't worked on in a month
1.3 Support Items
1.3.1 Quote
1.3.2 EarthSearch
1.4 Theme
1.4.1 Germs/Biowar Worse than nuclear 2001
1.5 Theme: Lab work
1.5.1 Persistence
1.5.2 DNA fundamentals
1.5.3 Detached
1.6 Theme: AAHS
1.6.1 Communicate/Articles
1.6.2 Treasurer Typical Endorsements Order materials Accounting Wrote the book on it Training others
1.6.3 Support work Leadership Class age Accounting
1.7 Theme: BOSS
1.7.1 Problem in front of you
1.7.2 Financial Independence Operation HOPE Issues Criminal Records Get expunged Inability to hold bank account Minimum Balance
1.7.3 Rally
1.7.4 Housing for Everyone Issues Poor Computer Literacy Credit Report wrong Application Fees Credit Check high Application Fee high Actions Get Credit Report Teach people to use computer Tenant Resume Hunt for listings PadMapper.com
1.8 Theme: TUPP
1.8.1 Health Education Brochure and Fact sheet Original research Less well-known harm Diabetes Vision Hearing loss Benefits at Old Underserved population
1.8.2 Followup Calls Basically wrote script Mailed Materials/Survey Created Inventory List
1.8.3 Community Outreach Health Events 25+ hours Pet bookmark Locate Google Map Record and report Deliver
1.8.4 Miscellaneous Inventorying Supplies Labeling
1.9 Theme: Anthro/TUPP
1.9.1 Being correct is not being right
1.9.2 Being involved Not "smokers" Listening to stories Life gets in way Job stress Clients die Type A Family stress Counseling Personalized delivery "Do you know anyone who smokes" Hold the jar, take a picture of a jar
1.9.3 Some people just aren't ready
1.9.4 Resignation about power
2.1 Letters of Rec
2.1.1 Short class
2.1.2 Prof Anthro MW 8:30-10 D-220 MW 10:15-11:40 D-215 BAS Lab Return 9/12
2.1.3 Other BOSS UHS Fail, new job? TUPP
2.2 Delay until next year?
2.3 Courses
2.3.1 PH Support Psych Socio Econ 6 hr/wk Weekly HW
2.3.2 Biology
2.3.3 Math Placement Test? Berkeley Transcript Chart w. POV Calculus Issues "Why I Will Detest Calculus Until the Day I Die" Relearn math Review Practice Q's Books @ Home 20hr/wk Weekly quiz Statistics
2.4 Examine schools
2.4.1 Calc / Stat Rec'd
2.4.2 Different requirements
2.4.3 Contact about flexibility 3 letters all from prof? Below 3.0 GPA "Special Consideration"
3 @Home
3.1 Car Buying
3.1.1 Consumer Reports
3.1.2 Current car: random problems Radiator Cap fail ~15yr Fail to start?
3.2 Hospitalization
3.2.1 Grandma Hospital Health Issues Ulcers Developing dementia? Fluid in heart? Ammonia high Thrombosis in upper arm Other Issues Out of hospital soon? - Day to day No one to translate TWese 24 Rotation w. sons Caretaker Who will she accept? No Medicare D Post-Hospital Unable to walk >20ft Accustomed to Urinary bag General weakness <1 year?
3.2.2 Cousin Thymectomy Myasthenia Gravis Immunosuppressant
3.3 Lost MP3 Player 8/31
3.3.1 Create ID poster
3.4 Vomiting 13 September
3.4.1 Bad boba?
3.5 Microcell
3.5.1 Rebate? October
3.5.2 Headache Move
3.6 Laptop cooling pad
3.6.1 Fail on games
3.6.2 Extend warranty
3.6.3 Compressed Air
3.7 Learn Language
3.7.1 Choice Chinese Spanish
3.7.2 Sources Library First 100 Chinese Characters BBC Passive Chinese School BoPoMo CD
3.8 Tech Knowledge
3.8.1 Photoshop You Suck At Photoshop
3.8.2 Premiere
3.8.3 Linux Ubuntu Mint
3.8.4 Encryption TrueCrypt TC User Guide Dropbox Integration MUO Guide 7Zip Secret Sync / BoxCryptor
3.8.5 Stats software SAS Cody/Smith STATA SPSS
4 Tobacco Internship
4.1 Create Brochure / Fact Sheet
4.1.1 2 months
4.1.2 Great work
4.1.3 Publishing: TBA
4.2 Labeling
4.2.1 Labeling: Bookmarks
4.2.2 Labeling: Pregnancy booklet 2200-2500 Almost no help 1 month!
4.2.3 Labeling: Tobacco diaries
4.2.4 Labeling: New Lung Pens 1000+500 2 wks no help
4.2.5 Labeling: Pet Postcards 750-1000 no help
4.2.6 1/3 of time spent LABELING 3500+
4.3 Cessation calls
4.3.1 Largely futile: <5% success rate Can't leave messages Call during work hours
4.3.2 Mail out surveys: FAILED Bad instructions
4.3.3 Finish in 4-5 months at present rate
4.3.4 Relieved No work with Trav?
4.4 Inventory Supplies
4.4.1 Seriously??
4.4.3 Does NOT help pt's
4.5 Pet store bookmarks
4.5.1 Mileage Compensation More mileage than to office
4.5.2 Work from Home
4.5.3 Accident Coverage?
4.5.4 Dangerous Near traffic accidents School bus ran a red Near heat exhaustion
4.6 Underlying Bitterness
4.6.1 Compensation Stipend Parking Mileage Food Smiles and gratitude No possible job: Hiring Freeze
4.6.2 Disdianful Attitude of Public
4.6.3 Why Community Health?
5 Job Search
5.1 Certification
5.1.1 Env Health Microbiology? 9 months training?
5.1.2 Clinical Lab Scientist
5.1.3 PH Microbiologist
5.2 Government
5.2.1 FDA
5.2.2 CDC
5.3 Internship
5.3.1 Focus Env Health Riverside: December Epi Riverside: no pay
5.3.2 Location
5.3.3 PAID?!

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