LMS Workflow

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LMS Workflow

Map Outline

Document submitted to LMS
1 Is User ID available on PlagScan?
1.1 Yes
1.1.1 Submit document to PlagScan (Associate submitter User-ID ) Does the submission have a deadline? Yes Wait for the deadline to check the document Submitter updates his submission before deadline? Yes Delete last document from PlagScan Submit new document to PlagScan Repeat process No, deadline reached No Check Document (PP are consumed) Retrieve results (PlagLevel) Retrieve report url or docx copy Are student accounts available? Yes, I want to share the document with the student Share document with Student (Student User ID) No. Nothing else to do
1.2 No
1.2.1 Create PlagScan User with LMS-Email Upon creation, save PlagScan UserID in local database

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