1. How to Prepare
    1. How to research?
      1. research
        1. company background, marketing, products, visions, recent activities
        2. be familiar with the job functions, required skills
        3. what to ask during Q&A
      2. resume
        1. KNOW my resume
          1. professional experience, skills
          2. personality, strength, weakness...
    2. What to wear?
      1. company dress code
        1. formal dressing in finance, business, law, luxury...
        2. less formal dressing
        3. NO sleeping PJ
      2. make sure to clean up myself, put on a bit makeup
    3. How to setup?
      1. environment
        1. clean background setting
        2. face the center, distance from the camera, not too far, not too close
        3. great daylight or soft lighting
      2. computer device
        1. clear camera view, clear audio sound
        2. stable internet connection
      3. account
        1. with a professional username and profile photo
    4. How to rehearse?
      1. record myself
        1. comfortable speech pace, tones, avoid any weird breaks or tags
        2. practice naturally speaking, not intentionally reciting
      2. mock interview with friends, alumni, or career center specialists
  2. After the Interview
    1. Keep in touch
      1. a thank-you note
        1. send on the day after/at the night of the same day to thank for hiring manager's time, refreshing his or her memory
      2. a follow-up email
        1. if haven't heard back for a week or longer
        2. even if rejected, try to send another email if you have updates on your resume to share or ask about any future/new opportunities
    2. Self-reflection
      1. summarize the interview questions, save for future practice