M 6 U2 A3 Pre-Assessments for Differentiation

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M 6 U2 A3 Pre-Assessments for Differentiation

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Pre-Assessments for Differentiation
1 Students who answered most correctly (top 10%)
1.1 (Research Group)--Differentiation Strategy: put ss with computers and provide with links to background information on Great Depression. Ss create Google Slides on causes and effects of G. Depression with at least 10 images and text to present to class.
1.1.1 Assessments to Track Learning: Interview Economic teacher to find out difference between recession and depression; what the current economic situation is in the U.S.; could a Great Depression occur again; what safeguards are in place to prevent such an occurrence.
2 Students who have some knowledge (80%)
2.1 (Reflection Group)--Differentiation Strategy: Put ss with computers and watch 2 YouTube videos on Great Depression with notes/summary sheet to fill in as they watch.
2.1.1 Assessments to Track Learning: to learn vocabulary words--ss make Quizlet study set of words; create a cross word puzzle of words to know. Share with whole class.
3 Students with limited knowledge (bottom 10%)
3.1 (Discussion Group)--Differentiation Strategy: Meet with instructor and read simple article on Great Depression together. Discuss main points of article.
3.1.1 Assessments to Track Learning: ss find images of many of the vocabulary words to create a visual dictionary. Share with whole class. Ss view same YouTube videos with summary sheet as the 80% group.

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