Free Yourself From Worry

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Free Yourself From Worry

Map Outline

Free Yourself From Worry
1 1
1.2 What are you predicting will happen?
1.3 Write down your predictions
1.4 0-100 percent?
2 2
2.1 Consider a full range of possible outcomes
2.2 What is the worst outcome?
2.3 What is the best outcome?
2.4 What is the most likely outcome?
3 3
3.1 Evidence for and against your prediction
3.2 What is the evidence against your prediction?
3.3 Consider some of the positive things
3.4 Weigh the evidence
4 4
4.1 How many times have you been wrong in the past?
4.2 You are a worrier
4.3 Is predicting the worst a habit of thinking?
4.4 Or is is realistic?
5 5
5.1 Costs and benefits of worry for you
5.2 How will repeatedly focusing on the negative help you?
5.3 How about the costs?
5.4 How would you weigh the costs and benefits?
5.5 Do the costs outweigh the benefits?
6 6
6.1 Any evidence that worry has really helped you?
6.2 Is worry really helping you get things done?
6.3 Can’t you be prudent, planful and prepared—without the added burden of persistent worry?
6.4 Is taking action, confronting problems directly, and getting your work done more helpful?
7 7
7.1 How could you handle a bad outcome if it did occur?
7.2 You are more resilient than you give yourself credit for.
7.3 Do you underestimate your ability to solve real problems?
8 8
8.1 What difficulties in the past have you coped with?
8.2 Haven’t you solved real problems in the past
8.3 Think of past difficulties, disappointments, and losses and ask yourself if you were able to cope with them eventually.
9 9
9.1 How will you feel about this in the future?
9.2 Things you worried about don’t even occur to you.
9.3 Maybe things resolve themselves on their own—without worry.
10 10
10.1 What advice would you give a friend with your worries?
10.2 Try to think of yourself as the compassionate friend that you are to other people.
10.3 Use some tools to address the worry
10.4 Try to view things more rationally

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