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Map Outline

1 Creator metadata
1.1 Identify work
1.1.1 Genero Work ID
1.1.2 IMDB ID
1.1.3 Europeana ID
1.1.4 ...
1.1.5 Country published
1.1.6 Creator Role Genero userID Name (if not Genero userID)
1.1.7 GSP provider ID
1.2 Describe work
1.2.1 License
1.2.2 Tag
1.2.3 Description
1.2.4 Name
1.2.5 Date published
1.2.6 Language
2 User metadata
2.1 Rating
2.2 Comment
3 Traffic metadata
3.1 View count
3.2 Revenue
3.3 Downloaded count
A1 Work
A1.1 description
A1.1.1 describes the work
A1.2 title
A1.2.1 the title of the work
A1.3 license
A1.3.1 license type, i.e. Creative Commons xx + xxx
A1.4 language
A1.5 parentWork
A2 WorkElement
A2.1 torrent
A2.1.1 Torrent file linking to work
A2.2 work
A2.2.1 Describes the work
A2.3 format
A2.3.1 Describes the format of the work
A2.4 type
A2.4.1 Category of the work
A3 License
A3.1 title
A3.2 identifier
A4 Language
A4.1 Name
A4.2 Identifier
A5 Format - video
A5.1 Framerate
A5.1.1 24 fps, 30 fps etc
A5.2 Codex
A5.2.1 H.264, Ogg etc
A5.2.1.1 x.264
A5.2.1.2 Subtopic 2
A5.2.1.3 Subtopic 3
A5.2.1.4 Subtopic 4
A5.3 Container
A5.3.1 .avi, .mpg etc

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