Grace's Kitchen (Round 2)

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Grace's Kitchen (Round 2)

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Grace's Kitchen
1 On the counter next to the stove
1.1 baking soda
1.2 MSG
1.3 brown sugar
1.4 table salt
2 In the cabinet, below the stove
2.1 Cooking liquids
2.1.1 Wines cooking wine, shaoxing rice wine pale dry sherry mirin
2.1.2 Vinegars white vinegar balsamic vinegar apple cider vinegar rice vinegar
2.1.3 Oils pepper oil sesame oil olive oil coconut oil avocado oil ghee almond oil
2.1.4 Sauces dark soy sauce soy sauce fish sauce low-sodium soy sauce sweet chili sauce
2.2 Pans
2.2.1 Subtopic 1
3 In the cabinet, next to the stove
3.1 Spices for cooking savory
3.1.1 Salt sea salt Hawaiian pink salt kosher salt
3.1.2 Pepper white pepper, powder black pepper peppercorn
3.1.3 Dried herbs parsley bay leaf rosemary thyme
3.1.4 Spices from seeds? coriander seeds fennel cardamom pods, green cumin star anise five-spice powder cinnamon, sticks curry mix curry powder madras curry powder garlic powder dried chili
3.1.5 ground spices
3.1.6 prepared mix hot pot seasoning dry rub mix chicken bullion powder chipotle powder
4 In the refrigerator
4.1 oyster sauce
4.2 hoisin sauce
4.3 XO sauce
4.4 Sriracha sauce
4.5 ketchup
4.6 mustard
4.7 relish
4.8 wasabi sauce
5 In the pantry
5.1 Flours and starches
5.1.1 Starches cornstarch arrowroot flour tapioca starch green bean starch
5.1.2 rice flour (rice powder) glutinous rice flour (sweet rice)
5.1.3 wheat flour
5.1.4 xanthan gum
5.1.5 cornmeal
5.1.6 gluten-free baking flour
5.1.7 whole grain flours teff flour quinoa flour brown rice flour buckwheat flour corn flour sweet potato starch oat bran
5.1.8 Yeast yeast, pizza yeast, active dry
5.1.9 protein flours almond flour coconut flour
5.1.10 pre-prepared mixes pancake mix Pudding mix Jello mix
5.2 Rice and beans
5.2.1 Rice brown rice jasmine rice multigrain rice
5.2.2 Beans mung beans red beans soybeans
5.2.3 Other grains flaxseed meal oats millet sesame seeds, white
5.3 Noodles and pastas
5.3.1 Asian noodles rice noodles somen noodles vermicelli noodles banh pho noodles, dried green tea soba noodles buckwheat soba noodles ramen noodles
5.3.2 Italian pastas macaroni pasta macaroni and cheese, Annie's
5.4 For baking sweets
5.4.1 Extracts and essences Extracts pandan extract almond extract vanilla extract Powdered essences green tea powder ginger, ground cinnamon, ground cocoa powder nutmeg, ground
5.4.2 Baking additives coconut flakes semi-sweet chocolate chips food coloring
5.4.3 Powders baking powder cream of tartar custard powder
5.4.4 Honey and sugar Honey raw honey orange honey Sugars powdered sugar white sugar cane sugar, organic brown sugar coconut sugar rock sugar agar-agar
5.5 Non-Perishable Milk
5.5.1 condensed milk
5.5.2 evaporated milk
5.5.3 coconut milk, canned
5.5.4 coconut milk, boxed
5.6 Snacks
5.6.1 Candy Valentine's Day candy mix Easter candy mix Halloween candy mix
5.6.2 Chocolate chocolate candy Dark chocolate Milk chocolate
5.6.3 Cookies and crackers animal crackers goldfish crackers
5.6.4 dried fruit & nuts nuts roasted almonds roasted cashews chia seeds dark chocolate covered almonds pecans dried fruit dried mangos raisins Trail mix
5.6.5 cold cereal Lucky Charms Rice krispies
5.7 Soup stuff
5.7.1 dried kelp
5.7.2 lotus seeds
5.7.3 raw peanuts
5.7.4 red dates, jujube
5.7.5 Chinese herbs 当归/當歸 Chinese angelica 淮山,山药 Chinese yam 枸杞 goji berries (wolfberries)
5.7.6 Dried fungus 冬菇 dried shittake mushrooms 木耳 dried tree ear 云耳 dried white fungus (cloud ear fungus)
5.8 Canned goods
5.8.1 canned chili
5.8.2 tuna fish, canned
5.8.3 tomato paste, canned
5.9 Root vegetables
5.9.1 onions
5.9.2 potatoes
5.9.3 sweet potatoes
6 Close to the coffeemaker
6.1 coffee creamer
6.2 condensed milk
6.3 flavored drink mix, orange flavor
6.4 Tea
6.4.1 Chinese teas Anxi Iron Goddess (Tie Guanyin) dried chrysanthemums West Lake Dragon Well (Longjing) Yunnan Pu-er (Puer)
6.4.2 Japanese green tea
6.4.3 Western teas Lipton White Tea
6.5 Coffee
6.5.1 whole coffee beans
6.5.2 ground coffee beans
6.5.3 instant coffee mix

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