1. Introduction
    1. Had young student acknolwedge the country as did the conference introducer Murat
    2. Gave statistics on 1:1 initiatives in the developing world
    3. Interesting Litearcy approach
      1. Suggests taht we use literacy & numeracy skills to creatively & resourcefully develop cultural, interpersonal, skills
      2. I like this because it turns literacies back to each other rather than a simle listing
    4. In school, we have too many meetings and not enough conversations" quote from a comference
  2. Then
    1. Back then the battle was "should kids use tech?"
      1. Showed video of 9 yr old using a Mac Plus
        1. She'll be in her early 30s
      2. Should computers have color screens
  3. Now
    1. Shows todler using an iPod Touch
    2. Shows pic of his 15 month old grand daughter swimming underwater
    3. Show child on peddleless bike
      1. We though it was the balancing
      2. Not, its the peddles that are a challenge
    4. 52 of his college's students graduated to go work on Avatar
    5. Jobs that are going away
      1. Not unskilled labor
      2. not skilled manual
      3. It's unskilled clerical that are disappearing
    6. Kids' primary search tool is YouTube
    7. Hmmmm- Video tweeting teacher lessons, whatched by retired teachers -- interesting
    8. So a student does well in math except for Matracies
      1. His teacher's not very good teaching it
      2. He goes to two friends who have learned it
      3. If they can't help, then he goes to their teacher
      4. Talks about online conversation between Finish & London Students
        1. Finish students ask how london students planed their learning days
        2. Londoner's didn't understand the question
          1. Their day is planned for them
      5. Navigating Learning
    9. No barriers to learning
      1. "How many barriers to learning do we errect?" My question
    10. We're in a world of no secrets
      1. Shows a photo
    11. Talking a lot about mixed age learning
      1. Showing that large scale online communities are all mixed-age
    12. We're often wrong about what kids are capable of learning
  4. So what's coming next
    1. Bunch of comparisons -- I took a photo
  5. Playfulness
    1. Kids left the computers and took the bean bags
    2. Kids want to learn and they want to play
      1. Give them both
    3. Kids challenged to create apps that can be played on the side of a building (with projector)
  6. Learning Spaces
    1. A library with no books and no computers... Interesting
    2. Chillout space in Roterdam
      1. Like a stage, dress and redressed
    3. A School with four children
    4. University built within a hangar...
    5. School that advertised students who had been demonized by the local media
      1. Hired an artest in residence...
    6. Huge staircased becomes a lecture theatre
    7. Blow-up personal meeting and learning offices
    8. Singapore school with few teachers (big children work with small children)
    9. Behive reading area (took a picture)
      1. Have to climbe up to get to the hard books
    10. A net near the ceiling that students play on (yokahama)
  7. Parents
    1. We've done a bad job of reaching parents through the media
    2. Work with the media
    3. A degree for Mums (mumology)
      1. Drop off children, register for online course)
      2. Swop techniques and stories