Rapid Idea Generation

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Rapid Idea 

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Rapid Idea Generation
1 Breaking Free Of The Stuckness
1.1 The "1 to 10 Scale"
1.2 The truth about originality
1.3 Rejecting perfection is critical
2 Idea Generation Sources
2.1 3 books is all you need
2.1.1 What 3 things about this topic weren't covered in this chapter?
2.1.2 What’s a better / more elegant / more useful way to explain the concepts that are in this chapter?
2.1.3 How can I expand on the topics in this chapter?
2.2 Sales Pages
2.3 Blogs
2.4 Don't get caught up in information overload
2.4.1 Set a time limit for yourself
2.4.2 Have a safeguard to protect against tangents
2.5 Using email
2.5.1 Set up spare email address
2.5.2 Register for other newsletters
2.6 Revisiting your existing content
2.6.1 What do people need to know before they get to this topic?
2.6.2 What can I elaborate on within this specific content?
2.6.3 What will people need to know after they get through this content?
2.7 Asking questions to your audience
2.7.1 Use a survey to ask questions
2.7.2 Use a "report" email to ask questions
2.7.3 Use blog posts to ask questions
2.7.4 Use social media platforms to ask questions
A1 Time Management
A1.1 Ideas
A1.1.1 Track your time
A1.1.2 Shut out distractions
A1.1.3 Have an accountability partner
A1.2 Research
A1.2.1 20 ways to limit distractions - http://wherever.com
A1.2.2 Free productivity ebook - http://overthere.com

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