How I Make My Learning Visible

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How I Make My Learning Visible

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How I Make My Learning Visible
1 Attention
1.1 Economy

It's hard to pay attention. You sort of have to give and take. You know, like the economy? It goes up and down, but it hopefully is always focused.

1.2 Media (Infotention)
1.3 Discussion

The best way to attend to contemporary issues is to discuss them with people. The play and debate between two disparate perspectives brings about enlightenment.

2 Publishing
2.1 Open Access
2.2 Scholarly

I do this because it's a way to connect with the academic discourse community.

2.3 Popular

I do (and prefer) this because it connects me with people most affected by higher education political economies.

3 "Official" Coursework
3.1 Face-to-Face: Electronic Text

I took a seminar with a digital media scholar about how text is transformed through the process of electronic exploration.

3.2 Hybrid: Internet Studies

I took a course with a leading Internet Studies and Rhetoric scholar. It was a one-on-one course, and we talked about the course content both online and offline.

3.3 Workplace Fellowship: US Bank-Technical Communication
4 Writing
4.1 Public Discourse
4.2 Academic Discourse

I'm not always a fan of academic discourse because it's often convoluted. But, I do write some "academic" stuff. I have a chapter coming out in a forthcoming edited collection about social media and the ethics of the classroom.

4.3 Brainstorming

I brainstorm while watching Conan. Doesn't everyone?

5 Interaction
5.1 Collaboration

I collaborate with colleagues all around the world on projects. We hope to critical advance our society and change the world.

5.2 Coffee Discussions

I usually meet with a few colleagues and professors a few times a month to just talk. We talk about what we know, what we don't know, and what we want to learn. We interact as if we were all ignorant nomads.

5.3 Social Media
6 "Unofficial" Coursework
6.1 Face-to-Face: Webshop-TMSP
6.2 Online: ETMOOC
6.3 Online: Rheingold U

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