1. Important: be careful
    1. if the stands are not stable, it is better to turn them off for a while otherwise, you can lose customers by creating a bad vision about ​​your product
      1. inform your customers about it
    2. protect personal customers data
  2. Define Beta Testing goals
    1. CJM helps you
      1. communication between customers and your services
  3. Think and implement metrics
    1. product \ business
      1. https://www.xmind.net/m/5jiC/
    2. servers \ hardware
      1. confirm information about performance testing
        1. confirm the scaling strategy
  4. Create alerting system
    1. what is going wrong
  5. Implement error tracking software tools
  6. Try and collect
    1. typical bugs
    2. new types of user's data
    3. real customers platforms and configurations
    4. new\not typical scenarios of using app
    5. customer's feedback
    6. to improve test strategy
  7. Coach HelpDesk service
    1. prepare card with typical problems and solutions
  8. Confirm UX hypotheses
    1. new user experience
    2. modify existing
    3. learnability
  9. Beta Testing
    1. One of the Customer Validation methodologies to evaluate the level of customer satisfaction with the product by letting it to be validated by the end users, who actually use it, for over a period of time