Sub-Saharan Africa

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Sub-Saharan Africa

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Sub-Saharan Africa
1 Introducing Africa
1.1 Human ancestors
1.1.1 Early human species are all found in the Great Rift Valley
1.2 "Africa"
1.2.1 Not a legitimate category
1.2.2 Sub-Saharan Africa is totally different than northern Africa
1.2.3 turned into water: US, India, Argentina, Europe, and China would fit into Africa's land bucket
1.3 Diversity: the most genetic variation on earth because they never left. Most genetic pairs never left
1.4 Mobile Phones
1.4.1 liberated Africans from infrastructural weaknesses
1.4.2 Linked people that previously never could have communicated.
1.5 Ethnic communities and Nation-States
1.5.1 Tyranny of the Map Colonial Powers wrote the state boundaries Ethnic boundaries are very important in Africa
2 Colonialism and Neocolonialism
2.1 Colonization: The Berlin Conference
2.1.1 Scramble for Africa!
2.1.2 Cut up Africa for Europe
2.1.3 1885
2.1.4 70 years later Decolonization begins
2.2 Rhodesia
2.2.1 Northern Zambia
2.2.2 Southern Zimbabwe
2.2.3 Rhodes named the country after himself. His colony was named Rhodesia. Cecil John Rhodes.
2.2.4 Instead of Decolonizing South Africa: they instituted Apartheid
2.3 Decolonization
2.3.1 1960s
2.3.2 Increase in poverty Africa hasnt always been poor? Nope. Africa before was pretty medium affluent
2.3.3 Debt: IMF and World Bank Debt in a larger magnitude than any of us can comprehend
2.3.4 Poor People? Vast Resources? How can a group controlling resources be poor? What kind of Mining Copper, Diamonds, Gold, Iron, Oe, Uranium How did we make this nation? "Enclave Industry" Foreign equipment Materials shipped out for processing and mareting in Western economies A "State within a State" Congo, Nigeria, Cameroon, etc.
2.4 Interesting, Ethiopia resisted colonization
2.5 Ethiopia has stayed independent, but proxied for our period
2.6 Emporer of Ethiopia Haile Selassie I
2.6.1 Jah
2.6.2 Incarnation of Jesus Christ
2.7 Oh, Jamacian Rastas believe in Jah
2.7.1 Myth of Jah Independent Free Homeland of Resistance
2.7.2 Syncretic Religion Combinaion of African ideas and given Christian ideas
3 A local success story
3.1 from 148 to 173 countries at the bottom of the HDI index African nations
3.2 The Daughter in Law who Doesn't Speak
3.2.1 Swiss development worker helped develop it . grinds grain and nuts, husk rice, pumps water, saws wood, recharges batteries
3.2.2 4000 bucks - UNDP and other donors finance half the cost So the village needs to raise 2000 bucks
3.2.3 the effect of the daughter? Before it, 12 jars of peanut butter would take a day to make Now, in 10 minutes it can produce 12 jars peanut butter in 10 minutes Peanut butter Corn 100 pound bag of corn would take 3 days to make now, it takes 15 minutes to establish Female empowerment Without labor, Free Time occurs Literacy small businessness Transition from subsistence to cash cropping easier, faster In the Village At First: Out of 460 women, 9 could read Within a year, 40 could read Micro development No debt. Self-empowerment to a certain extent

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