Soil building

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Soil building

Map Outline

Soil building
1 Terra Preta
1.1 Apply different production methods
1.2 What are production methods and how many?
1.3 What are different uses for Terra Preta?
1.4 What are the assumptions of people on how and on what Terra Preta has an effect?
1.5 Assessing the potential of Terra Preta
1.5.1 Soil building
1.5.2 Climate change
1.6 What are the effects of charcoal?
1.6.1 Feeding chickens Use feces to build topsoil
1.6.2 Use to decontaminate water? Natural sewage treatment? Drinking water
2 Research
2.1 Who can apply which method?
2.2 How does compost/Terra Preta influence our soil? Differences between both?
2.3 Usage of compost/Terra Preta in garden and agriculture
3 Soil building methods
3.1 Composting methods
3.1.1 Wormcompost
3.1.2 Kitchen bokashi
3.2 Integrative soil-building
3.2.1 Intercropping
3.2.2 Mulching
3.2.3 Crop Rotation

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