Southeast Asia

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Southeast Asia

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Southeast Asia
1 Discussion of New Rulers
1.1 Indonesia
1.1.1 Lots of resources, but extremely poor
1.1.2 1949 Independence fully recognized
1.1.3 Sukarno First president of Indonesia Protected production from foreign corps. & IMF
1.1.4 Suharto Military Dictator The United States is a big fan of him The United Kingdom and The United States British sold them so many guns
1.1.5 "Indonesian Investment Congress" Planned the cutting up of Indonesia It was seperated by sectors of the economy Oligarchic state-corporate connection
1.2 World Bank and IMF
1.2.1 Money to Suharto Debt Who pays it back? Indonesian people pay it back. Debt Cancellation 30 million bucks went missing
1.3 WTO / Free Trade
1.3.1 The WTO protests was portrayed in the media
1.3.2 World Trade Organization is undemocratic
1.4 John Pilger
1.4.1 He does a lot of stuff
1.5 What ideological construction do we all exist in in relation to trade and economy?
2 Philippines
2.1 Spanish colony since 1500s
2.2 Languages
2.2.1 Tagalog/Filipino the spanish influence is very clear
2.2.2 English
2.2.3 Many many many other languages
2.3 Spanish American War 1898
2.3.1 Philippines taken over by the United States
2.3.2 Independence 1946
2.4 Ferdinand Marcos
2.4.1 President '65 - '86
2.4.2 Imelda Marcos (wife) Two of them together are sort of famous political couples she appearently had thousands of shoes
2.4.3 He began industrialization in Earnest
3 Indochina and Vietnam
3.1 the Hmong
3.1.1 Southern China, there's a huge population of Hmong 4 million
3.1.2 Where else? Vietnam Laos Thailand Burma
3.1.3 1800s, the Hmong begin to migrate
3.1.4 United States fought in Laos thousands of Hmong fought with Americans At the end of the war, the Hmong are not doing well after Extremely dangerous situation bet on the wrong horse Laos occupied by North Vietnam Thousands of Hmong escaped to Thailand as refugees Tens of Thousands of Hmong came to America 275,000 Hmong approx. in America 2004 15,000 new Hmong move to the United States These 15k were in a huge buddist temple reused for refugee use Thai government says you guys gotta leave
3.1.5 Highest single concentration of Hmong in the United States
3.2 Indochina
3.2.1 French Colony (Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos)
3.2.2 North Vietnam Communist movement arose led by Ho Chi Minh Reacting to colonialism rather than spontaneously
3.2.3 1954 Independent Laos Cambodia North Vietnam South Vietnam Domino Theory the theory of opposition to perpetual revolution Containment
3.2.4 the Vietnam War 1964 The Gulf of Tonkin incident USS Maddox 2 days later, new incident occurs Was this made up? Declassified docs show the Gulf of Tonkin second incident was totally fabricated Signed Gulf of Tonkin Resolution The president can move troops into combat without a declaration of war 1973 Ceasefire with US 1975 North takes over South, withdrawl Unification occurs Saigon renamed to Ho Chi Minh city Ho Chi Minh died in 1969 2-3 million dead American Soldiers Vietnamese North Soldiers Civilians Vietnamese South Soldiers Civilians
3.2.5 1995 Vietnam wins the recision of trade ban Now becoming a major site for globalized production

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