Make an Infographic in 10 Steps

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Make an Infographic  in 10 Steps

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Make an Infographic in 10 Steps
1 Know Your Story
1.1 First, find a narrative.
1.2 Infograohic with a compelling story
1.2.1 Simplify a complicated idea
1.2.2 Explain a process
1.2.3 Highlight trends
1.2.4 Make an argument
1.3 Ask those questions
1.3.1 What is the goal of your infographic?
1.3.2 Who is your target audience?
1.3.3 Are you focusing on data or visuals?
1.3.4 What visualizations work best with your data?
2 Gather Clean Data
2.1 Clean it up
2.2 Use free data sources
3 Write a Good Headline
3.1 The key to audience retention
3.2 Avoid ague, uninformative headlines
4 Type of Infographic
4.1 Data Centric
4.1.1 Shows statistical information in a variety of charts and figures
4.2 Timeline
4.2.1 Shows information over a chronological time period, usually on a line
4.3 How To
4.3.1 Shows a step-by-step process or the progression of information.
4.4 Geographical
4.4.1 Location based infographic using maps for geographical data
4.5 Comparison
4.5.1 Compares and contrasts two different subjects or topics
4.6 Hierarchical
4.6.1 Shows a chart with predefined levels or the hierarchy of a topic
4.7 Flowchart
4.7.1 Starts at a single point, then shows how the topic branches or grows
4.8 List
4.8.1 Shows mostly text and icons, listing information about a given subject
4.9 Anatomical
4.9.1 Breaks down a subject’s composition, or shows how it works
4.10 Visual Resume
4.10.1 Shows an applicant’s skills and experience using visuals and data
4.11 Photo-Based
4.11.1 Based on a photo, uses text and data to explain a point
4.12 Interactive
4.12.1 Online infographic that lets the viewer modify, control and explore data
5 Choose the Aesthetic
5.1 Color
5.1.1 Pick contrasting colors for comparisons
5.1.2 Use color to highlight your most important information
5.1.3 Select colors that appear in nature
5.1.4 Consider the psychology of color
5.1.5 Use branded colors for marketing materials or presentations
5.2 Font
5.2.1 Use the same font set throughout your entire slide presentation
5.2.2 Know the difference between a serif font (Times New Roman) and a sans serif font (Arial or Helvetica)
5.2.3 Match the typography to your theme
5.2.4 Consider alignment
6 Pick the Right Charts
6.1 Select the one that ensures your message is clear and accurate
7 Focus on Important Data
8 Keep it Simple
8.1 Include too much information in one single infographic
8.2 Too much text or too many numbers
9 Edit, Edit, Edit
9.1 Clear
9.2 Simple
9.3 Easy to read
9.4 Get feedback from others
10 Promote and Distribute
10.1 Email your infographic to contacts you’ve made
10.2 Send out an email newsletter
10.3 Write a social media specific release
10.4 Create a social media sharing plan
10.5 Submit your infographic to directories and blogs
10.6 Start reaching out manually to blogs and popular Twitter accounts
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