1. RAM 15
  2. Controller Control Circuit
    1. Port #4
      1. Voice Recognition Unit (VRU)
        1. Microphone
        2. This is the VRU accessory needed in the processes of ROM21 in order to function properly. VRU workings are mapped via another chart.
    2. Port #3
    3. Port #2
    4. Port #1
      1. N64 Controller
  3. CPU
  4. Reality Coprocessor (RCP)
    1. Reality Signal Processor (RSP)
      1. This part handles aspects such as polygon coordinate transformation, shading, etc.
    2. Reality Display Processor (RDP)
      1. This part is used for image processing. For example: rendering polygon data into "dot" data for frame memory storage.
    3. Bus Control Circuit
      1. Port Connector
        1. ROM 21
          1. This is the ROM image for "Hey You, Pikachu!" stored externally.
      2. Port Connector
        1. Disk Drive
          1. This is just an expansion for game data. Optical data from this source is stored in RAM15
      3. >
        1. Connector Port
          1. Sound
          2. This is the sound output generated by the CPU
      4. >
        1. Connector Port
          1. Display
          2. This is the display output generated by the CPU
    4. This part plays a role in coordinating the processes involved with the RSP, RDP and Bus Control Circuit.
  5. Yellow Bubbles: internal aspects of this console Blue Bubbles: external aspects of this console Red Arrows: indicate interconnections